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Waring Jex328 Health Juice Extractor Reviews

Waring Jex328 Health Juice Extractor is a juice extractor from the lower price end. If you are about to enter the world of juicing, this juicer will be a good choice. Just like this Black and Decker Juicer  it has a small but powerful 400 Watts engine, capable of juicing virtually everything. Unlike some other inexpensive juicers, Waring JEx328 will not clog easily. It has rubber cushioned legs to prevent too intense vibrations as well as a stainless steel strainer for prolonged operation. Waring Jex328 Juice Extractor comes with an excellent 5 years warranty on the engine and 1 year warranty on the other parts.

Where this juicer excels is the comparably easy cleaning after the juice has been produced. Since it has only a couple of parts that need to be washed, the clean up does not take a lot of time.  Assembling and disassembling the juicer is quite easy, and you can also use the dishwasher if you like. This is a very popular juicer. The only important complaint some customers have is the relatively small feed chute of this juice extractor.

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  • 5 year warranty on the motor, 1 year on the appliance
  • high-speed 400-watt motor
  • stainless steel brushed housing
  • dishwasher-safe components
  • compact pulp and juice collectors, strainer and lid

Video Review of Waring Jex328 Juice Extractor

If you want to see this Waring Juice Extractor in action, check out the following video review.

Waring Jex328 Juice Extractor

upside of this juicer
  • great price
  • fast juicing
  • easy to clean the component parts
  • easy operation
downside of this juicer
  • small feeder – cutting is needed for larger produce
  • wet pulp leftover
  • difficult to clean the mesh

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