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5 Amazing Health Hacks For Optimal Life

Because of our poor nutritional habits, we all suffer from nutrient deficiency to a certain degree. We can compensate by eating a lot of vegetables, drinking healthy juices, and savoring nutrition dense foods, but it might not be enough. So, it is no wonder that nutritional experts recommend taking a bunch of supplements at a daily bases to improve your general health. However, you don’t always have to spend money to improve your health. There are some simple yet amazing health hacks you can try without spending a dime. They will dramatically improve your health. While these hacks cost nothing, you would still have to spend a portion of your time. I guarantee you, they are all worth it, as they will increase your energy levels, performance levels, and power! I use these hacks whenever I can, and you should be too if you are serious about improving your health. Here we go. Table of Contents1 1. Sun Exposure2 2. Grounding3 3. Rhythmic breathing4 4. Meditation5 5. Smile 1. Sun Exposure Reasonable (safe) sun exposure is probably the best bio-hack you can use to improve your health. Here’s why: this is the best way to maximize your vitamin D levels […]

Jamba Juice: Healthy or Not So Healthy?

Are you among the people that consume Jamba Juice products, but wonder if their drinks are healthy and good for their body? If the answer is yes, read on for a detailed explanation of the healthful and not so healthful content in the Jamba Juices and a couple of additional tips. Jamba Juice is a chain of restaurants that specialize in a selection of juices, smoothies and treats. Their website says they produce healthy drinks and snacks. Their smoothies are promoted as nutrient rich with a lot of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fiber, and other essential nutrients. That part is certainly true. But, can we say that Jamba Juice is healthy? And the short answer is sure, but only if you are wise enough to choose the right ingredients for your refreshments. In my opinion, there are two things you should be keeping your eyes on: calorie count and refined sugar. In my opinion, the calorie count is less important. Everybody is counting calories instead of focusing on the right type of nutrient rich food they should eat. The sugar added in the juices is way more important. You should concentrate on that more. Table of Contents1 The calorie count2 Concerns […]

Juicing Fasting: The Miracle Transformation of Joe Cross

In case you never heard of Joe Cross, let me give you a short introduction into his life story. A lot of people find it inspiring and life changing. A couple of years ago Joe was 100 pounds overweight, loaded up on steroids and was suffering from a painful autoimmune disease. The symptoms of this disease were being managed by a strong steroid with a number of side-effects, including stomach ulcers, depression and weight gain. In the mirror Joe saw a 310lb man with gut bigger than a beach ball. He had one foot already in the grave, the other wasn’t far behind. Realizing that in the long run conventional medicine can do little to help him, Joe decided to take things in his own hands. Joe understood the natural ability of his body to heal itself. He also had acquired a fair amount of knowledge about the devastating effects of processed food and essential value of plant based diet. What was missing was a plan for action. Joe committed to spend 60 days on a juice fasting program. He decided to consume nothing but the fresh juice of fruits and vegetables and see what was going to happen. He […]

Does Noni Boost Appetite?

Recently I participated in a forum discussion regarding the following dilemma: Is there a downside of using Noni Juice since it supposedly boosts appetite? Is this just a myth or is their some truth in it? The person in question was talking about pure 100 percent Hawaiian noni juice in a glass bottle, without any additives. Here is what I think. I don’t think there is a difference between Tahitian and Hawaiian Noni in this respect. Usually Tahitian Noni is produced from the pureed ripe Noni fruits. The puree is pasteurized (unfortunately) afterward and prior to producing the juice. Hawaiian Noni is usually produces by fermentation, and is usually also pasteurized but some manufacturers take pride in Noni products that are not heat treated. The differences in juice production can be important, but not as much as to affect the appetite differently. Noni – The fruit of the magical “morinda citrifolia” The root causes of  hunger and other appetite related problems are always more complicated. If the person feels like they are getting a healthier appetite (given that they had no strong appetite earlier), it means their body misses one or several important nutrients, and Noni just helps their body […]

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  1. I was enjoying the story of Joe Cross but was very disappointed that I could not read to the end as the site would not open up.

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