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Does Noni Boost Appetite?

Noni fruit hanging from a tree Noni - The fruit of the magical "morinda citrifolia"

Recently I participated in a forum discussion regarding the following dilemma:

Is there a downside of using Noni Juice since it supposedly boosts appetite? Is this just a myth or is their some truth in it? The person in question was talking about pure 100 percent Hawaiian noni juice in a glass bottle, without any additives.

Here is what I think. I don’t think there is a difference between Tahitian and Hawaiian Noni in this respect. Usually Tahitian Noni is produced from the pureed ripe Noni fruits. The puree is pasteurized (unfortunately) afterward and prior to producing the juice. Hawaiian Noni is usually produces by fermentation, and is usually also pasteurized but some manufacturers take pride in Noni products that are not heat treated. The differences in juice production can be important, but not as much as to affect the appetite differently.

Noni fruit hanging from a tree

Noni – The fruit of the magical “morinda citrifolia”

The root causes of  hunger and other appetite related problems are always more complicated. If the person feels like they are getting a healthier appetite (given that they had no strong appetite earlier), it means their body misses one or several important nutrients, and Noni just helps their body to recognize its needs. Noni is an extraordinary plant that grows on rich volcanic soil and is really plentiful when it comes to various minerals and vitamins.

The problem with the appetite can be especially strong at the beginning of consuming Noni. I think it has to do with the circumstantial influence of this nutritive juice. Noni certainly has a saying in regulating a person’s bodily processes. They can try to take a wider spectrum of foods along with the juice to get what their body needs and their appetite should return to normal. On the other hand, if their appetite was huge prior to drinking Noni at the first place, the juice might help them to reduce it, by virtue of the the same regulative and balancing processes.

In short, I don’t think Noni juice has any major negative health consequences in general, and certainly cannot be held responsible for boosting the appetite in particular.

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