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Want to Contribute?

(Updated 10. 27. 2017.) Now we are open for your submissions.

But before you send us your lame 400 words half-digested article, let us make sure we are on the same page.

What is Health Juices About

This website is dedicated to making lasting changes in people’s life when it comes to healthier living, better nutrition, and better performance. Check out the posts already present here and you will have a good idea about the topics we would like you to write about.

We are open to similar topic as long as they may help someone to solve a problem or dilemma related to nutrition, health, food, juicing, improved performance.

Who We Are Looking For?

If you are already enjoying this this blog, you are welcome to contribute.

However, we want you to share your story. We don’t want you to share generic information.

For example, we would like you to share how you select or prepare your food, how it helps you perform better, how you feel while doing that…

We want a real person sharing. With your photo. With your personal info. Not someone you hired to write for you.

Get it?

If you can do that than you have got a shot… because why would we bother publishing your guest post if you don’t even feel like signing your name under it.

If you’re not proud with your contribution, why do you thing we would be?

How to Submit

Send us an email to [email protected]

Send us your post directly. All of it. With images.

Don’t try to negotiate the subject of your article or any other aspect of it up front. There’s no guarantee your post will be published, but if you follow these guidelines closely, you chances are good.

Your email address should have your gravatar photo associated with it.

If accepted, or if your post requires revisions, you will be contacted from us. If you don’t hear from us for two weeks, you are welcome to try with another contribution.

What we Expect of You

We expect lengthy contribution. Your article should have at least 2,000 words and it should be structured in a user-friendly style.

We will promote your post using all channels we have.

We expect you to do the same.

We will respond to every comment.

We expect you to do the same.

You can promote your website and services in the author’s bio.

A Word of Warning

We have high standards. So don’t send us generic rehashed fluff. Send us your original thoughts. Give us real insight. Share with us real experience.

If we refuse your post, please don’t take it personally.

On the other hand, if we accept your post it’s a win-win situation. We get awesome free content.  You gain exposure to a new audience. And we’ve connected on a deeper level. Thank you.