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Lettuce Juice Health Benefits

lettuce salad Lettuce is rich in iron and manganese.

It might look strange at first sight, but lettuce can be a source of a very healthy and delicious juice. It has a number of beneficial micro-nutrients, but the most important are iron, Fe, and magnesium, Mg. In lettuce, both elements are contained at the level of around 5 percent. Not too many words should be spent on iron, as one of the most vital elements for the normal functioning of the bodily systems. Unfortunately, a lot of processed foods consumed today do not contain iron in its vital organic form. Due to its high activity, iron should be renewed more frequently than the other nutrients. Our body can store certain amounts of iron in the liver and spleen. Those elemental supplies are used in emergency cases, for example, for accelerated blood cells formation when there is blood loss or injury. In the spleen, iron serves, together with the other chemical compounds, as a battery power for recharging the blood. At the same time lettuce, like almost all vegetables, possesses relatively low sodium content, which makes it a desirable ingredient in any type of low sodium juice.

lettuce salad

Lettuce is rich in iron and magnesium.

Another variety of lettuce is Endive.

Health Benefits of Lettuce Juice

The other dominant element in lettuce, magnesium, is good for the muscles, and the nervous system. The various Mg salts are vital for cell building and regeneration. Mg salts also help in maintaining the necessary levels of fluidity of the blood. The normal biochemistry of magnesium is supported by calcium, Ca, and calcium is another element already present in lettuce in large quantities (around 15 percent).

Next in importance on the list of minerals are potassium, K, (~ 30%), phosphorus, P, (~10%), sulphur S and silicone (~8%). It is important to take both P and S from living, organic foods, and then they are very beneficial for the brain and nervous system. If they are taken from inorganic supplements or meat product, their action is not as beneficial. Some sources even state that inorganic sulphur and phosphorus can be held responsible for a number of nervous afflictions. Combined with silicone, they help the proper functioning of the skin, hair and nails. Silicone is one of the important, but often neglected elements of the biochemistry of the body.

Lettuce as salad has been known in the ancient times. The ancient Greeks were convinced that lettuce helps achieve deep sleep, which is not so strange now that we have seen how healthy its juice is. For that reason, they regularly served lettuce salad at the end of their dinner.

Lettuce juice can and should be combined with other juices. A mix of carrot juice with lettuce juice is possible, where the carrots add a lot of Vitamin A, and sodium. Another option is to prepare carrot, spinach and lettuce juice, with very positive effects on the roots and nerves of the hair. A combination of carrot, green pepper, alfalfa and lettuce will aid the hair growth and restore its natural color.

Tips for preparing lettuce juice

Although you might prefer the young, light green leaves from the inside head of lettuce, the best leaves are those of darker shades, deeply green in color. They are the richest in chlorophyll and many other minerals.

Since lettuce is a relatively soft type of food, a good advice is to juice it together with harder vegetables, such as beets, or carrots. The juice produced that way will be much more consistent. We recommend using a powerful juice extractor, such as the hamilton beach big mouth pro 67650 juicer.

17 Comments on Lettuce Juice Health Benefits

  1. I’m pretty sure lettuce juice is not going to taste great… I guess mixed up with the carrot juice and spinach, should help a bit! I have a vitamix blender at home and as it’s summer and lettuce will soon be ready in the garden, I think I will have to try it!

    • Hi Dan,

      thanks for dropping by. You are right, of course. A combination with other vegetable juices is one of the possible ways to improve the taste.

  2. I’m drinking a glass of freshly juiced lettuce even as I write. Here’s how I prepped it: 1 x head of Romaine (cos) lettuce; 1 x Lemon; 3 x Granny Smith apples; 1 x carrot; Handful of spinach; Decent sized chunk of fresh ginger. Serve immediately over lots of ice. I’m a 43 year old man – 5 days of this stuff and I’ve got a spring in my step and the complexion of an 8 year old girl 🙂 Delicious too.

    • interesting. I love the taste of lettuce but had always assumed it consisted of empty nutrition. That is odd because I’ve always been big on dark greens, such as kale, chard, etc… I never even considered there were any benefits of juicing lettuce. Good to know.

  3. Hi Glenn,

    thanks for sharing your recipe for preparing fresh lettuce juice. I will have to try it myself, but I am sure it tastes wonderful. And, btw, Granny Smith is one of my favorite varieties of apples. Cheers!

  4. I decided to make lettuce juice because it was going to get bad in the refrigerator. I added beet, turnips and a bit of lemon to mask the taste. Not the best taste but not too bad. Note to self: Add carrots next time.

    • Hi Ciiku,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your lettuce juice experience. Yes, the carrots will improve the taste, but from time to time it is beneficial to opt for the uncompromising taste of raw lettuce juice.

  5. sue shannon // June 13, 2012 at 10:35 am // Reply

    Going to try Glenn’s recipe, would 1 lettuce juiced every day be too much? All my lettuce are ready at once>

  6. Hi Sue,
    No it wouldn’t. From what i can tell one lettuce juiced a day is the right measure.

  7. Lettuce juice is actually recommended by experts being an amazing home treatment for growth of hair.

  8. hi i’ve just tried lettuce with tomato and coconut juice and it was good….i luv it….tnx for all of ur informations! God bless

  9. Thanks cathy to you too. Enjoy your healthful juice!

  10. You are doing a wonderful job here, God bless you. Please how can I make coconut juice?

    • Thanks for the kind words, Eloo. We really appreciate your comment. God bless you too. As for coconut juice, it is obtained directly from the belly of young coconuts in their early development. It is often called coconut water and has a very distinctive taste, sweet and rancid at the same time. You can buy it in its pasteurized form as a commercial coconut water, but much better would be if you could extract it directly from the inside of young coconuts. I have never done the latter so I have no idea how much is there.

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