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How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice Combinations

fresh carrots ready for juicing

Carrot in combination with other vegetables can produce especially healthful, tasty and refreshing drinks. We all need to drink juices daily, since they are the most effective nourishment for our body. Any fresh raw juice is better than no juice at all. The knowledge about how to make these healthy juices comes naturally if you have a quality electric juice machine.

If you do not have a juicer, there are two other methods: to squeeze the juice out of the carrots manually, or to use a blender. The former method is too time consuming and difficult, whereas the latter does not separate the juice from the pulp, so it is meant more for producing smoothies. Therefore, the only real way of producing quality carrot juice (or carrot juice combinations) is to use an electric juice extractor.

fresh carrots ready for juicingThe juice extracted by a juice extractor (we recommend the hamilton beach big mouth extractor) should be used immediately. The extraction of the juice from the fibers is never 100 percent complete. Moreover the oxidation and heat from the friction in the juicer will tend to spoil the juice in a short time. However, the good news is that the potentially toxic sprays are retained in the fibers of the vegetables and are not present in the fiber-free juices.

Therefore, making raw carrot juice is really easy. If you still have doubts about how to produce nice and refreshing carrot juice, watch the video bellow.

Raw Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is probably one of the most popular drinks. In addition to its image as a healthy drink, there is plenty of scientific verifications of how beneficial it is to drink carrot juice. Cancer studies have acclaimed beta-carotene – the form of vitamin A in carrots – as a cancer-fighting nutrient. Read more about the properties of beta carotene here.

Carrot juice helps normalizing the whole bodily system. It is one of the most abundant sources of Vitamin A, but it also can supply enough of the other vitamins. Be careful though if you are trying to reduce weight. It helps to promote the appetite.

It is known to help in maintaining the bone structure of the teeth. Breast feeding mothers should consume a lot of carrot juice to improve the quality of their milk.

Carrot juice naturally clears a number of malignant and ulcerous health issues. It is known to be able to help with eye and throat infections and respiratory health conditions.

Some intestinal conditions can be soothed with carrot juice. When this happens, the liver might be purified, and the liver clogging agents dissolved.

Video on Preparing Raw Carrot Juice

Take a look at this video if you need further instructions about preparing raw carrot juice. The same principle holds if you want to make the mixed juices that will be considered further bellow.

Carrot juice mixes

Carrot is one of sweetest vegetable juices. But what about all the other wonderful vegetables around us? We can combine carrot with spinach, parsley, beets, peppers, and man other types of vegetables.

Here are some basic combinations of carrot juice

  • Carrot plus Beet beet with leaves



  • red applesCarrot plus Apple



  • fresh parsleyCarrot plus Parsley





  • spinach leavesCarrot plus Spinach



  • cabbageCarrot plus Cabbage



  • sweet potatoCarrot plus Sweet Potato



To the carrot-beet combination you can add some green paper. To the carrot-apple combination, some alfalfa sprouts can contribute to a very healthful juice.

The rule of the thumb when preparing such juices is that at least 50 to 75 % percent should be reserved for the carrot component.
ingredients for parsley carrot juice
Carrot Combination Juices have many benefits. They are very potent energy drinks. One cup of carrot juice has about 95 calories and over 20 grams of carbs. Here is the full chart of minerals and vitamins contained within one cup of carrot juice along with the percentage of daily values.

As such, carrot juice can provide the caloric intake needed to start the day and get you going. They have also a number of physiological benefits, depending on the specific combination. Carrot plus beet juice can energize the liver. Carrot plus parsley is good for blood purification, but parsley is also known as a diuretic. The cabbage in the carrot juice combination can help soothe the stomach.

Just remember that carrot juice is sweet and too many sweets are sometimes not so good. That said, the main advantage behind the carrot combination juices is that you can use other veggies to soften the sweetness of carrots. Carrot juice alone can be too sweet and if you are juice fasting or dieting your body will be more susceptible to blood sugar addictions without the solid foods.

You can combine your carrots especially with the green vegetables to moderate the sweetness. The alternative is to dilute with water. Mixing vanes your nutritional intake which can be important if you are on a fast. By doing so, you make it possible to still consume the sweet foods like carrot, apple, watermelon, beet, or similar.

Depending on your personal inclinations you can always find these juices very helpful in your daily diet. Do not overdo them however.

Carrots can be mixed with apples. This is often a very beneficial mix. Although one doesn’t ordinarily mix raw fruits and vegetables, the combining rules for solid foods are not always applicable for liquids. Since juices are mostly water (very energizing and vitalizing water, by the way), mixing different freshly squeezed liquids is not such a big deal.

There is an exception to the above rule. It is not so advisable to mix lemon juice, grapefruit juice or orange juice with carrot juice. The reason is that the former are acidic fruits. This is why they should be mixed only among themselves, while they can cause the other juices to curdle.

31 Comments on How to Make Healthy Carrot Juice Combinations

  1. You can combine your carrots especially with the green vegetables to moderate the sweetness.I generally add apples to get the sweeter taste. Any combination would be good because your getting rich source of nutrition with carrot juice. good information.

  2. Thanks for the comment David. Apples are also very compatible with these carrot juice mixes.

  3. Because I dont like the smell of carrot, usually I add lemon juice 3 or 4 tablespoons. It will be more delicious and fresh.

  4. Han,

    I personally have no problem with that, but great tip anyhow, for all those who cannot stand the smell of carrot.

  5. i am a student in one of the Nigeria institution,i love this site but i want full flow chart on the production of carrot juice.Kindly send the answer to my mail box.Thanks

  6. Kevin Cheng // April 14, 2012 at 5:02 pm // Reply

    Fresh orange & blueberry juice made from my juice extractor to go along with my waffles for breakfast

  7. hi

    I eat carrots atleast 1/2 kg per day. is it fine? i am on diet to reduce weight. I have reduced the quantity of rice in my lunch. wheat for Breakfast and dinner.

  8. Hi Isabel,

    1/2 kg of carrots per day seems like a reasonable quantity. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be fine. Do you juice the carrots or you eat them raw?

  9. good information. Carrot Combination Juices are better, because will be reduce the smell of carrot.

  10. Hi sendy,

    Yes, carrot juice mixed with other juices can provide a great variety of tasteful juice combinations, but there is nothing wrong with the smell of carrot juice itself, at least as far as I am concerned.

  11. I was looking for this, juice of carrot, you know that it has amazing benefits. And also Nectar of youth 🙂 they provide amazing glowing effect to skin. 🙂 thank you

  12. Is it dangerous to mix carrot and orange

  13. No, not at all. The only concern I can think of is the higher sugar content in such a combination, but this is another story altogether.

  14. Is it good carrots combine with milk powder?

  15. I wouldn’t use milk powder with any kind of juice. I don’t think it is especially healthy.

  16. I make juice of carrot, Apple, beetroot, cheeku, pear and amla . Is it healthy?

    • It depends how you look at this combination. On the one hand, it has a lot of nutrients and can be refreshing and reinvigorating. On the other hand, it has a lot of carbs, especially fructose (apples and pears are high fructose fruits), so it may cause you problems, especially if you are overweight, have metabolic syndrome, or are not active enough.

  17. is it healthy to mix carrot juice, aloe vera, beetroot, apples, pawpaw, n cucumber all at once

    • It is certainly a delicious combination. As far as health is concerned, I would say, there’s too much sugar in this juice. That is, carrot juice, beetroot juice, apple juice – they all contain too much sugar. Even though we are talking about natural sugar, for most people, and especially if they are overweight, this could be too much.

  18. Thanks for sharing, I really love carrot juice and will try some of your recommended combinations.

  19. Is it okay to mix carrot, tomatoes, cucumber, orange and lemon.

  20. Hi. I don’t like the taste of carrot juice but need to drink for health benefits. What can I add that is not acidic as I have acid reflux, so I need to make it taste better without any acidic food.
    I tried celery and parsley with carrot and didn’t like the taste either.

    • I’m afraid most of the healthier foods are not that tasty for most people anyways. You could always add your favorite fruits into the mix, but they would also bring in a lot of sugars (and carrot juice is already pretty sugary on its own), which diminishes the health benefits of the juice.

  21. Abdur-rashid Femi // August 7, 2018 at 1:43 am // Reply

    I have really enjoyed all you have to offer on juicing, but your 5 “Healthy Food You should avoid” with the pictorial of fruits including apple made me you are a confusionist.

    • I understand your confusion because we are constantly being bombarded by the media that fruits (apples) are healthy, which is not entirely true. Apples are loaded with sugar, while at the same time not so rich in nutrients. Sure they are much better than processed industrial foods, but not so healthy nevertheless. If you want to eat healthy apples, you should look for wild apples. If you have ever eaten wild apples (which are superior in their nutritive content) you know that they are not sweet at all, they are sour.

  22. Organic Granny Smiths will do the trick nutritionally. Here’s my carrot juice recipe: 1 1/2 cups of roughly cut carrots, 1 large stalk of celery, 2 granny smiths, 1 peeled lime, 2 – 3 inches of fresh, peeled ginger, dilute with water or aloe vera to taste

  23. Is there any health issue by consuming carrot & milk juice?

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