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7 Key Things to Steer Clear of When on the Paleo Diet

People all around the world fill their bodies up with empty calories every day. Empty calories are drinks loaded with sugar, aspartame, caramel color, preservatives, etc. People who follow the Standard American Diet tend to include liquid beverages to cover their recommended daily calorie consumption. That’s not a good strategy at all.

If you closely follow Paleo Diet, bear in mind that the hunter-gatherers of the past had no access to these kinds of drinks that can be widely found in the supermarket and liquor stores. All they had was pure water to drink. And pure water is the best possible type of drink you can use when on Paleo Diet. But, it should really be pure (check number 7 below).

What Drinks Do You Need To Avoid Doing The Paleo Diet

If you’d like to follow the Paleo Diet, there are several beverages you need to avoid or rarely consume:

1. Alcohol

alcoholPaleo enthusiasts can’t really agree on this subject in terms of forgoing it completely. And, for many folks, it can be difficult to let the “bottle” go while on the diet. According to research, there are many organisms that take in alcohol. However, an excessive amount of it can lead to various health conditions that include affecting the liver, brain and cholesterol levels. If you do the Paleo diet and drink, it’s best do it in moderation.

2. Fruit Juice

fruit-juice2The majority of available fruit juices have an excessive amount of sugar (the fructose in fruit juices can be especially bad), artificial flavorings and preservatives, which make them nutritionally different than fruit you get in natural form. When fruit juices are exposed to oxygen, they start to lose their nutritional value hours after the production. This is why you’ll see fortified fruit juices, loaded with minerals and vitamins and are stripped of their fibers, starches and other important components that let people eat it without causing the blood sugar or insulin levels to spike.

What does it mean? It’s best to eat fruit in the natural form. If water isn’t enough to satisfy your thirst, reduce your consumption amount by drinking a glass of freshly-squeeze juice. Read this post for more information about juicing and Paleo diet.

3. Coffee and Caffeine

coffeeCoffee and other kinds of caffeinated drinks can tire out the adrenal glands and negatively impact the insulin levels. This will also increase the body’s feeling of drowsiness and fatigue. If you really need to drink coffee, at least you should try to find some organic brands that are free of mold toxins, and other types of contaminants.

4. Milk

milkIf you’re doing the Paleo Diet, dairy products must be avoided. Milk tends to have extraneous hormones and can possibly spike insulin levels, causing a multitude of health problems like cancer, acne, etc. The chances of the hunter-gatherers of drinking milk is fairly low. Besides pasteurized milk has additional health problems when compared to raw milk. If you have to use dairy, at least try to find raw milk and raw dairy products, preferably goat or sheep milk.

5. Soda: Regular and Diet:

sodaRegular and diet sodas have copious amounts of sugar, corn fructose syrup, preservatives and other toxins that is detrimental to one’s health. Excessive carbon dioxide levels can also cause osteoporosis and various other health problems. Even though we are led to believe that Diet soda is much healthier, it can be even worse than the sugar loaded regular soda. You can read about the adverse effects of drinking soda here.

6. Toothpaste

toothpasteToothpaste is not a drink in the technical sense. But it should be mentioned here anyhow because some people tend to swallow their toothpaste. According to various studies, the typical toothpaste has artificial sweeteners and other compounds in them, which can cause cancer for some folks. If you don’t swallow your toothpaste, there’s no real fear in suffering with long-term health effects. If you’re worried about your toothpaste’s ingredients, be sure you read the label and switch to a saccharin-free or natural toothpaste.

7. Tap water

tap-waterIf you are on Paleo Diet, one of the most important things is to stay hydrated. But not with tap water. Especially not if your tap water is fluoridated. What you need is clean water without the added fluoride, chorine, or other toxins. Mineral or spring water in plastic bottles isn’t really the real alternative to tap water because the plastic packaging contains various harmful chemicals. Use this source only if you can find spring water packaged in glass bottles. In addition to mineral water in glass bottles, the best way to get clean water is by using a water filtration system.

Stay Hydrated but not Overhydrated

As we said, dehydration is bad in any type of diet, but overhydration is also not good. Don’t drink too much water, because your body can only process and excrete a certain amount of water daily. Otherwise, the kidneys will work too hard to regulate and maintain the balance of fluids in the body. Don’t force yourself just because someone has told you to drink so many cups of water every day. Listen to your body. Ask your thirst.  Our bodies really hate to be without water. It’s very hard to stop someone from drinking water when they need to.

In this post we have talked about 7 types of drinks you should steer clear of when on the Paleo Diet, or should we say, when on any type of healthy diet really.


4 Comments on 7 Key Things to Steer Clear of When on the Paleo Diet

  1. I just started the paleo diet but I’m taking things at a slower pace, I really want this lifestyle to stick. After years of going either gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan for a few weeks and vegetarian for a couple of years, I finally decide to try this. It might seem strange but the only challenge right now is the alcohol ban, going cold turkey after years of having a glass of wine almost every day is pretty tough. But I’m hoping I am strong enough ;)!

  2. A glass of wine a day doesn’t sound that bad. Some will disagree, but I think you can be Paleo and drink small amounts of wine every day. The good thing about the Paleo diet as I understand it is that you can (and should) adapt it to your own body, metabolism, lifestyle and other needs.

  3. It is hard to find clean water unless you have money to spend on an expensive reverse osmosis system for your house. I have a pitcher but it doesn’t take it out 100%. I don’t want to go back to bottled water though if I don’t have to. How do you recommend someone finds clean water cheaply?

  4. Reverse osmosis system is by far the best solution. Quality mineral water is the second best. I’m afraid there are no shortcuts when it comes to clear healthy water.

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