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5 Delicious Foods to Add to your Juicing Recipes


Juicing is the practice of extracting the nutrients from fruits and vegetables and turning them into a more appetizing drink form instead. The benefits of juicing can become a way of life, while helping your body adjust to a healthy and nutritious form of dieting.  The idea of dieting with fruits and vegetables is an old and proven way.  Researchers have found that a diet high in fruits and vegetables can decrease in large numbers such diseases as prostate cancer, hernia, and diverticulitis.  Our main goal in this method of staying healthy should be total focus on your wellbeing.  When liquefying any fruit or vegetable, one must think of taste; you can’t drink something you can’t keep down.  This method will give your taste buds a new and refreshing experience while making your digestive system healthy and full of nutrients that will balance your whole digestive process. Throw a few of these in your juicer or blender along with your fruits and vegetables and you’ll be surprised not only at the health benefits you gain, but at the amazing flavor and taste your health drink has.

Benefits of Juicing:

1. Avocados:

avocado     Green, and high in fat content, and nutritious in taste and very good for your skin, and hair.


2. Cashews:

cashews     This nut can be used in your weight loss regiment, and still become a great snack food without making you feel guilty.


3.  Beets:

beetHigh in antioxidants, good for blood development, and loaded with detoxers which can spike your energy levels.


4.   Celery:

celeryIs very high in nutritional value, and will give you that special taste in any form. Celery is also one of those special vegetables that is a “negative calorie”. This means your body burns more calories digesting celery than the celery contains.

5.   Honey:

   honey    Is a natural sweetener that will fit perfectly anyway you choose to use it.

Some Hazards of Juicing

 When we juice our fruits and vegetables, gas and bloating can occur, moderation is the key.  So monitor which vegetable gives you the most trouble, and minimize your intake to suit your digestive system.  Fruits usually don’t produce gas, but can cause other unpleasant symptoms in some individuals, so just be aware. Our health when dieting should be our main concern, not how much weight we can lose.  Food is the key, but what we eat can trigger both good and bad results.

When searching for that best juice diet, you need to know what is considered raw food. Raw food is any vegetables that haven’t been heated over 118-Fahrenheit. Most vegetables need to be steam blanched before freezing. Remember you can have fresh, or dehydrated and juiced vegetables that will be considered raw.  Fermented vegetables are also another option. They are considered raw because they were processed without heat. Vinegar and other methods of fermenting were used to change the consistency or flavor of such vegetables as: cabbage (sauerkraut) and cucumbers (pickles).

Eating healthy can become an interesting and fun experience, with loads of variety and nutritious avenues to travel. If you’re interested in losing weight or simply eating healthier, juicing is a fun and creative way to get your daily dose of vegetables.

Author Bio: Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she’s not traveling she enjoys writing articles about University of Phoenix, reading books and shopping.

8 Comments on 5 Delicious Foods to Add to your Juicing Recipes

  1. I never actually thought to try adding beets to a drink, I might have to give that a go next time.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I love adding beets from time to time, but not too much, otherwise the taste of your drink might be spoiled.

    • Are there any combinations in particular that you have found to be a no no when mixed with beets?

      • I have been using beets in combination with apple, carrot, orange, and grape juice and they all are just perfect. I have no problem, however, drinking beet juice alone, but some people find its taste too extreme. If that’s the case, the key is not to overdo on the beet part when preparing juice combinations.

  3. I’m always in for a good juice. Thanks for this article it’s really useful for my next juice shake.

    Keep on the good work!

  4. After I had seen this I made a good juice with some of the ingredients you name in this article. I like this blog and your articles. I’m looking forward to your next article!

  5. Linda,

    I’m glad you managed to prepare some delicious juices. Stay tuned, as more useful info will follow shortly…

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