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Food Inc. (2008) Review – Buy DVD Online

food inc movie

The truth can be painful. Very painful indeed. It can make you sick; it can make you want to scream. But also, the truth is a bitter medicine.  It enables you to change things accordingly, and at the end of the day, you will have the opportunity of living a much better and healthier life. That is how John, a friend of ours, felt when he first watched the movie “Food, Inc.” It was a big shock to him. He wanted to cry, and he had trouble thinking straight. One question was in the air – where and when exactly did we all, as a whole, go wrong. And then, he made a firm decision. No more fast food.

Introduction Into Corporate Food Production

Although not directly linked to the subject of this website (healthy juices), Food, Inc. (2008), is a must see movie (documentary) for every single individual concerned with his/her own health and general welfare. If you want to skip the rest of this movie review, purchase your own DVD copy from here, and it will make you think twice about the kind of food you eat and whether it pays off to spend some time preparing your own meals (and healthy juices too) and choosing organic products.

food inc movieFood Inc.” is a shocking testimonial and a critical overview of America’s corporate food industry. Have you ever wondered what the source of your every day food is? The food products in the supermarket can be neatly wrapped, and the burgers you buy at the fast food stores can be nicely served and even labeled as healthy, but do you know their origin, do you know where they come from?

This movie will show you where and how exactly.

John, like many Americans thought that the best meal is tasty, cheap and fast. It did not matter if it was organic and healthy, as long as it had these three attributes. This totally wrong attitude a lot of people adopted in the past had been like wind in the sails of the corporate food industry, and if you have the courage to watch this movie, you will see the consequences of such line of reasoning.

Feeding Cattle With Grain?

Let us consider one example. Does it sound normal to feed cattle with grain? This is, at least to my mind, certainly one of the stupidest ideas of our modern civilization. In case you did not know, cows are those lovely animals created by God to be fed by grass – and grass only. Like many other grazing creatures, cows possess the ability to convert grasses – type of food that we people cannot digest. And what do you think, what is the aftermath of feeding cattle with grain? Not very pleasant indeed, and “Food, Inc.” shows this side of the story very successfully.

This documentary opened John’s eyes to the ways and means of corporate food production. And more importantly, he started to change his life. So, one word of caution. Don’t watch this movie IF you are not ready to face yourself and change some things for you, your family, and possibly those you live and care most.

Is There Hope?

This film is NOT all about criticism. There is hope as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel. As more and more people recognize the need to consume organic products, even corporations like Wal Mart will have to respond to their demand. If nothing else, then they will be driven solely on basis of economics factors. That is what’s going on right now. For example, Stonyfield – a producer of organic yogurts, smoothies, soy yogurts and milk – has now products that can be bought in large supermarkets across the country. Their yogurt is free of pesticides, chemicals and growth hormone, used so much on nonorganic farms. Every time you buy something organic in a grocery store, you cast a vote in favor of the organic industry and you tell the food industry what kind of food you prefer.

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In conclusion, go and see this movie! You can buy Food inc DVD from here. Food, Inc. will lift the veil from upon your eyes and you will see the truth about the food industry. This documentary will expose how the food supply is being operated by a small number of corporations. They a driven solely by profit and apparently they are not concerned with consumer health, the safety of workers and our environment. This movie will show you that you don’t have to change the system. What you need to do is just open your eyes and change the only person you can change – yourself, your eating habits and the type of food you purchase. That’s what we did a long time ago. That is what John did recently. Hopefully, you will be joining us soon!

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