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Water Softener vs. Water Filter – How to Know What is Right for Your Family

Don’t sacrifice the health and well being of your family by purchasing a softening system. The following are four reasons why your home should use a water filter instead of a softener system.

If you have experienced the frustration of bad-tasting water coming from your home faucet or the harmful effects hard water can have on your home, you may be looking for a home water softener system. These systems are known for providing better-tasting water and removing unsightly water spots from dishes and glass. However, there is more to water softeners than meets the eye. They are costly to maintain and use salt to replace minerals, which can be more harmful than helpful. For this reason, many people have changed their search for a softening system, and instead are looking for a water filter for their household needs.

The following are four reasons why your home should use a water filter instead of a softener system.

  • Just add salt – Water softeners require significant amounts of salt to work properly. This salt not only adds up in cost over time, but can also add more sodium to your beverages at home. Whole-house water filters, such as those made by LifeSource Water, are the better alternative to these systems because they do not add salt, and can still provide your household with great-tasting drinks, without the added salt intake.
  • Drink up the minerals – Minerals are often considered the culprits behind water spots, and are one reason why some homeowners choose to use softeners. But the truth of the matter is, minerals are beneficial to our health and provide nutrition. Filters don’t remove these nutritious supplements, but softeners simply replace them with sodium, which is hurtful instead of helpful to your family’s health. Instead of reducing water spots with a softener, simply use a specialized dishwashing product to help with those spots and leave the healthy minerals in your household water supply.
  • Protect the environment – Some systems waste gallons upon gallons of water with their systematic approach to softening and cleaning your household supply. Softeners are one of the biggest wasters, making them a poor solution for your home. Instead, a whole-house filter can recycle supplies and use what would be considered backwash or waste by another system to help with outdoor irrigation of plants.
  • No more maintenance – Softeners can incur high maintenance fees over their lifetime to keep up the quality of the system and make any repairs necessary. However, filters are built to last longer and work in better harmony with the home’s system that is already in place. Therefore, maintenance time and fees are dramatically reduced, and your house still receives quality equipment you can rely on.

Don’t sacrifice the health and wellbeing of your family by purchasing a softening system. Instead, use a filter that can provide your family with more nutritious water, help the environment and incur fewer maintenance costs over the lifetime of your equipment.

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6 Comments on Water Softener vs. Water Filter – How to Know What is Right for Your Family

  1. What do water Softener do because I know water filter system does filter what is coming in from the water source. I have no idea on what is the purpose of having a water Softener.

  2. I believe it is clear from the above article what water softener do – in short, they reduce the concentration of calcium, magnesium, and various metal cations often present in hard water.

  3. Your article is very helpful, thanks. A year ago I bought water softener, but based on your study I would probably consider the latter way of filtering the water. Thanks!

  4. Hi Becca. We have never used a softener. For decades in our household we have used a water filter. However, during the last couple of years we stopped using filters for drinking water. We switched to using spring bottled water exclusively. It is one of the healthiest way when it comes to getting a good quality drinking and cooking water, especially if you can find pure spring water in glass containers. But, quality filtration system will also do a great job to deliver healthy water.

  5. Basically i prefer the water filter rather than water softener.

  6. Reading this makes me glad that I’ve made the right decision in having a water filter than water softener. Having this decision gives me the thought that I am not taking for granted the health and well-being of my family.

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