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10 Health Benefits of Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranates are wonderful fruits with a truly ancient history of medicinal healing. In fact, pomegranates are mentioned multiple times in holy scriptures for their healing properties!

When you see a pomegranate for the first time, you may wonder what to do with it. The red outer skin is tough and thick, and it isn’t easy to tell how to eat it. With time, you learn that the benefits of pomegranate juice begin when you peel back the protective skin and retrieve the small, juicy red inner seeds.

These seeds can be juiced, eaten as-is, added as a garnish to foods and even brewed as an herbal tea. In this article, learn 10 time-honoured health benefits of fresh pomegranate juice!

Benefit 1: Pomegranate juice eases symptoms of strep throat

Strep throat is all the things most people want to avoid: it is painful, highly contagious, and often takes a while to go away, even with strong medications.

If you or a loved one is suffering with strep throat, you will be delighted to learn there is a home remedy for strep throat that is both tasty and effective.

You can use pomegranate in different ways to promote faster healing of strep throat:

– Dilute fresh pomegranate juice in water and gargle it three or more times daily.

– Drink fresh pomegranate juice, undiluted.

– Brew fresh pomegranate tea (add a bit of local honey for extra soothing).

– Mix grape juice, pomegranate juice and a bit of local honey together and drink as a soothing tonic.

Benefit 2: Pomegranate juice helps your body fight cancer

It is never too early to start preventative measures against cancer. Pomegranate seeds and juice can be a powerful ally in bolstering your body’s defense against cancer, including widespread cancers such as prostate and breast cancer.

According to health expert Dr. Axe, pomegranate is so packed with antioxidants it tests to have three times the antioxidant levels than either green tea or red wine!

Here are two ways to use pomegranate juice to fight cancer:

Benefit 3: Pomegranate juice can lower high blood pressure

With today’s high stress modern lifestyle, it is no surprise more people suffering from high blood pressure than at any other time in history. According to the American Health Association, a shocking one out of every three adults currently have elevated blood pressure levels.
But while it isn’t always possible to change jobs and move to the beach, you can drink fresh pomegranate juice to help naturally lower your blood pressure.

Benefit 4: Pomegranate juice boosts the immune system

Juicing one pomegranate can provide you with approximately 40 percent of your body’s daily Vitamin C needs.
Even better, fresh pomegranate juice that has not been pasteurized (processed) will deliver the most viable and potent form of Vitamin C, so be sure to drink yours fresh from the juicer!

Benefit 5: Pomegranate juice can fight off bacteria and fungi

If you have ever contracted a bacterial or fungal infection, you know how uncomfortable these types of ailments can make you!

O of the many benefits of pomegranate juice it that it can help you overcome high levels of yeast (such as the common Candida Albicans), dental and oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease and also digestive disturbances caused by gut bacteria imbalances.

Benefit 6: Pomegranate juice can reduce inflammation in the body

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly one-quarter of all adults today are suffering from some form or arthritis.

When inflammation occurs chronically in the body, it can cause painful health conditions such as arthritis. When your joints, tendons and ligaments become inflamed, it can feel like your whole body aches.

Benefit 7: Pomegranate juice can lower risk of heart disease

When the arteries of the heart become clogged with plaque, it leads to atherosclerosis, a life-threatening heart condition that can cause stroke, heart attack and death.

Researchers have discovered that drinking fresh pomegranate juice can help the body reduce plaque build-up by up to 30 percent and also aid in transporting “bad” LDL cholesterol out of the body.

Benefit 8: Pomegranate juice can improve memory.

With Alzheimer’s disease and dementia so prevalent today, it is only natural to watch yourself closely for signs of memory loss. There are other causes of memory loss as well, including invasive surgery and simple old age.

The good news is that pomegranate juice can decrease production of certain types of plaques that are thought to possibly cause or increase the severity of Alzheimer’s disease.

Research studies with non-Alzheimer’s participants who were either elderly or recovering from surgery produced similar memory-enhancing markers after drinking pomegranate juice.

Benefit 9: Pomegranate juice can improve fertility

For males suffering from loss of libido or couples struggling to conceive, pomegranate juice may be just what the fertility doctor ordered, according to a recent Daily Mail article.

To get this effect, you can drink one glass of fresh pomegranate juice daily for at least seven consecutive days.

Benefit 10: Pomegranate juice boosts mood naturally

Drinking pomegranate juice can boost the body’s production of estrogen and serotonin, both of which are linked to elevated mood.

Now that you know more about the healthful benefits of pomegranate juice, it is time to dive in and experience these benefits for yourself!

Remember, it doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming to drink fresh pomegranate juice. If you don’t have the time or ability to juice fresh pomegranates at home, you can visit a local grocer or health food store to find high quality juice.

If you have a favorite remedy featuring fresh pomegranate juice, we’d love to hear it. Please share your experiences of how pomegranate juice has helped you!

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Susan Hamilton is a food engineer and a health advocate. She tries to improve her life by using home remedies whenever possible and she writes about it on HomeRemedyBookYou can also get in touch with her on Twitter

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