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What Are The Benefits of Carbohydrates

When it comes down to it, the most important part of any exercise regimen is your diet.

Having the proper nutrients is the key to having the energy you need to complete even the most extreme workouts. The energy you need comes from the amount of carbohydrates in your diet, and they are responsible for storing energy in order to complete both intense and low-stress exercises.

Where are Carbohydrates Found Most

Carbohydrates can be found in almost all the foods you consume on a daily basis, but there are some foods that provide even higher levels when eaten.

Foods such as whole wheat, rice and pastas are high in carbs, and should be eaten every day when you are completing an exercise regime. When you need additional carbs even faster, fruits provide simple carbs.

Simple carbs are quickly broken down by your body, providing energy even faster.

It is important to include the above food types in your diet daily, but especially on your workout days or the day before.

Depending on the time of day you choose to work out, you may need to consume your majority of carbohydrates the day before. The foods do have to be digested and broken down first, before the carbohydrates can be used for energy.

Eating for Extreme Exercise

For extreme amounts on exercise on one particular day, it may be best for you to have a carbohydrate binge. This means easting higher amounts of foods high in carbs in order to have all the energy you may need the next day.

Pastas and rice are your best choices for binges.

It may also be necessary for you to take a carbohydrate supplement in order to increase your carb intake. These supplements can some in several forms, so depending on what’s best for you, pills, powders, or drinks may be best.

It can be difficult to consume enough carbohydrates each day when you are doing intense workout regimes, so by adding a carbohydrate supplement, you can have enough carbs present in your body throughout your entire workout.

Getting the Balance

The biggest problem with just eating carbs is that your body needs time to digest the food, so having this process completed by the time you head to the gym can be a bit challenging. The supplements only have to be taken a short period before you begin exercising, making your energy level ready to go.

Finding the right supplement can be overwhelming because of all the options that there are on the market, but most products are a safe and effective way to increase your carb intake by offering you up 47 grams of additional carbs with just one dose.

Pumping Iron Doesn’t Increase Muscles Alone

Carbohydrates are the key to having the energy you need to work out and should be consumed at the right levels both on the days you do exercise and the days you rest.

Although some foods can offer higher levels of carbs and should be eaten daily, carbohydrate supplements can ensure that you have the full level of energy you need to get in shape and stay that way.

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2 Comments on What Are The Benefits of Carbohydrates

  1. Foods such as whole wheat, rice and pastas are high in carbs. I agree. Also fruits are a great source as well.

  2. Carbohydrates, even if they are coming from whole food sources and/or fruits are the cause of many troubles. Unless you are involved in some pretty extreme exercises, you’d better stay away from them in the first place. Using resistant starches is something that we recommend instead.

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