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Secret Plant Juice to Help Clear Coronary Artery Blockage

Looking for a delicious alternative for clearing coronary artery blockages? Pomegranates may be one of the healthiest fruits on the planet. Adding Pomegranate juice into your diet can drastically reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing the amount of plaque blockages in the arteries. This provides an all-natural way to clear artery blockages. Let’s take a look into some of the benefits of this delicious fruit.

The Anatomy of a Pomegranate

Before we delve into the health benefits, exactly what part of the pomegranate is edible? The skin is thick and inedible in its natural state. The deliciously sweet seeds, called arils, are what are most typically consumed. The seeds can be eaten whole or, more typically, are turned into juice for easy consumption. The skin of the fruit can also be included in the juicing process.

You can make the juice at home or purchase it in a store. When considering adding pomegranate juice to your diet, keep in mind that all natural pomegranate juice is what you want. Read labels. Juices with added sugars or artificial flavors will not produce the results you desire.

Pomegranates Hold Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation plays a major role in coronary artery blockage. Consuming pomegranates help to reduce this inflammation, allowing blood to flow more freely through the arteries and veins.

Anti-infection Properties of the Fruit

People with artery blockages (artery blockages are also known as atherosclerosis) often face secondary viral and bacterial infections more frequently than individuals without artery blockages. Pomegranates can help ward off these types of infections.

Pomegranate Increases the Body’s Levels of Nitric Oxide

Our body’s use Nitric Oxide to signal the walls of the arteries to relax, allowing the blood to flow more freely. Studies have shown this stimulation is especially beneficial to those who have clogged arteries.

Cleans out the Existing Arterial Clog

In years gone by, scientists believed little could be done by way of dietary changes to actually clear out our arteries. Research showed that antioxidants and other nutrients may slow down plaque build-up in veins and arteries, but scientists didn’t believe that our dietary changes could break up already existing plaque buildup. However, a recent study from Israel has changed this.

Nineteen patients with severe coronary artery plaque build-up participated in a three year study. These patients ranged in age from 65 to 75. Their arteries were so filled with plaque that blood was flowing at only 10-30% of the normal capacity. Ten of the patients were given eight ounces of pomegranate juice daily. The other nine were given a placebo drink.

Within the first year of the study, the patients who drank the pomegranate juice were noted to have a 35% reduction in plaque build-up. Those who were drinking the placebo drink showed a 9% increase in plaque buildup. Patients consuming pomegranate juice over the next two years saw a continuous reduction in plaque build-up.

It is important to note that three months after the study ended, patients were asked to come back in for testing. Those patients who had stopped consuming the juice did see a small reversal in the plaque reduction. In conclusion, scientists recommended that they continue to drink pomegranate juice daily in order to prevent further plaque accumulation.

Pomegranate Juice Lowers LDL Cholesterol

LDL is also known as the “bad” cholesterol. By lowering the bad cholesterol, the risk for further plaque buildup is reduced.

Lower Blood Pressure

People who consume pomegranate juice daily had a significantly lower blood pressure than they did before they began drinking the juice. As a matter of fact, studies have shown up to a 12% decrease in systolic blood pressure in patients who drink a glass of pomegranate juice daily. Reduction in systolic blood pressure has a relaxing effect on the inner lining of the artery. This is important because when a person has heart disease, the tension in the artery further restricts blood flow.

Please note that with the blood pressure lowering effects of pomegranates, people who take blood pressure lowering medications should keep a very close eye on their blood pressure levels when introducing pomegranate juice to their diets. We don’t what the blood pressure to dip too low.

Lesion Healing Properties

Pomegranate juice reduces lesion size within the arteries as well as becoming less harmful.

Pomegranates Have Positive Effect on Patients with Diabetes

Diabetes has been proven as a contributing factor to developing coronary disease. The consumption of pomegranates has shown to have a positive effect on those with diabetes. It reduces insulin resistance and lowers blood fasting glucose levels.

Other Health Benefits of Pomegranates Noted

There are many other health benefits to pomegranates. Just one cup of the arils (seeds) of the pomegranate contains seven grams of fiber, three grams of protein, 30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C, 36% RDA of Vitamin K, 16% RDA of Folate, and 12% RDA of Potassium. That’s one powerful cup of fruit!

The anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in heart disease patients as noted. In addition, they are beneficial to patients with Alzheimer’s disease, certain types of cancer (particularly breast and prostate cancers), Type 2 diabetes, and even helps those with obesity issues. These anti-inflammatory properties also help with joint pain and arthritis.

The increased blood flow that pomegranate juice allows may also help increase blood flow to the penis, which may alleviate erectile dysfunction.

Pomegranate’s antibacterial and antifungal property may reduce the effects of gingivitis and periodontitis and other gum diseases.

There has been some studies, though information is limited, that show that pomegranate juice may help to increase memory in elderly patients or patients with foggy memory issues.

The pomegranate has been used for thousands of years in the Far East to treat things like ulcers, dysentery and diarrhea. When using for digestive issues, it is suggested that you add one teaspoon of honey to the juice.

Pomegranate juice boosts immunity.

The abundant amounts of iron contained in pomegranates help to prevent anemia.

It may soothe urinary tract infections.

Increased consumption of folic acid is recommended for pregnant women. Folic acid helps promote brain growth and other important growth marks in fetuses. Pomegranates are an excellent source of folic acid.

Pomegranate juice may reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and prevent dark spots in the skin.

Pomegranates reduce the breakdown of collagen and elasticity in the skin, giving skin a more youthful appearance.

A balanced diet that includes the daily consumption of pomegranate stimulates and strengthens the hair follicles. This prevents hair loss and gives hair a full, healthy, and glossy appearance.

There you have it. Pomegranate may be nature’s secret weapon against heart disease and many other issues. Talk to your doctor about the benefits of this wonderful fruit. Do some of your own research. You won’t be disappointed. Who wouldn’t want a tasty way to prevent disease, gain a glowing complexion, and have a beautiful, shiny head of hair?

About the Author Singh is a certified nutritionist from India. She is dedicated to helping others reap the health benefits from a balanced diet. She works with individuals to create a delicious diet that fits beautifully into their personal lifestyles. Currently she is working on some Weight loss using HCG technique. You can message her if you are having any questions on Diet and supplements. Her Google Pus : Click here

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