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Five Super Foods for Glowing & Gorgeous Skin

Hello, ladies! Today we’re going to talk all about gorgeous, glowing & flawless skin. I’m sure all of you want a beautiful skin; it explains the collection of skin care items in your bathroom cabinets and on your dressing table, right? But are all of these various products worth it? Sure, they can be. In fact, some of the high-end regimens such as products by Goop and Kora (Miranda Kerr’s brand) can make a great difference. But these products usually aren’t very cheap, in fact not cheap at all. For some of us, they are simply not affordable. That is when these products need a sound replacement. And although the process of replacing these products can be a lengthy one, it’s well worth it.

For this particular post, we will be discussing a selection of foods that I have found to be most helpful in countering skin problems and maintaining my usual skin care. I was so tired of buying all the semi-expensive products (that’s all I could afford) and expecting them to work. Sometimes they worked, sometimes I wouldn’t see a trace of difference in the quality of my skin and sometimes they would cause acne. The sheer unpredictability of this process drained me. I hate wearing makeup, especially when I have to wear it to cover up the flaws of skin. It doesn’t help me boost my confidence because deep inside I know that the skin I’m wearing is not mine. Two weeks after dropping my skincare regimen completely, my face was covered with large, red pimples. I stopped going out. I was aimlessly Googling causes of acne, hoping to die since I didn’t want to live with this face when I found out that what we eat had an impact on our skin as well. No, seriously, I never knew that. And then I researched on this topic more than I ever researched for my thesis. And trust me, it did pay off. So my free suggestion to you is that you get your research right. If you know your particular symptoms and you keep track of when your skin is acting up, and what you have eaten in those particular days or at that particular time you might be able to put the finger on the culprit behind the horrible acne.

So I found that I was intolerant to gluten and overall I needed to maintain a healthy diet, full of fresh vegetables and fruits to keep my skin glowing. The transition was a little hard to make at first. However, I made it slowly and gradually. I started to notice a difference in about five to six months, I know it is a long time, and most of you might not want to be that patient, but trust me, people, quick fixes take you nowhere. You have to eliminate the cause of your problem. Unfortunately, these problems are here to stay if we don’t make the necessary long-term changes in our diet. Anyway, I will enlist the foods that I found were most helpful with maintaining the health of my skin.

Eat Leafy Greens

To maintain a beautiful, dewy skin how often do you apply your moisturizer? I’m sure you forget it. Well, you sure won’t forget to eat, and a slight change in your regular diet can help you toss the moisturizer in the back of your cabinet probably forever! Eating leafy greens can help prevent your skin from drying out. Some women complain that their skin quickly dries out after applying their moisturizers. Well, you have a diet problem at hand, lady. Focusing on your diet and including the right nutrients can greatly help with achieving the result you want to achieve. It is normally perceived that some natural humectants can keep your skin healthy only. However, that is not true. Leafy greens also can moisturize your skin from within and make it appear supple and healthy.

The underlying reasons are that leafy greens are normally filled with vitamins A, E and C. These vitamins are famous for their skin-healing properties and they also help boost the immunity. Vitamin A is also known as a cancer fighter, and it can help prevent skin cancer. I wasn’t a fan of leafy greens very much; however, I noticed that eating more salads did make a difference in my skin. I could almost feel my body flushing the toxins out of it. Another important nutrient found in leafy greens is vitamin E, and vitamin is known for strengthening the nails and hair, and it also makes the skin healthier.

Another interesting element present in leafy greens is silica, thanks to the soil they are grown in. Silica has been known to improve the structure of skin, and it is a part of all the connective tissues. An ample supply of these nutrients through these foods would help you achieve the perfect skin from within.


This red fruit is known to make the skin more beautiful. I just found you another reason to down that glass of Virgin Mary. Tomatoes are mostly considered a staple food in each kitchen. This easily found and relatively inexpensive fruit is very healthy for the skin. It offers a solution to most of the skin problem whether it is enlarged pores or acne. These magic fruits help reduce all the skin issues to a significant degree. The anti-oxidants present in the tomatoes help fight the cellular damage and reddening of skin due to the sun, and it also acts as an anti-aging component.

Let me quickly explain various ways in which this amazing food can be used to get the skin you want. If you have large pores on your face, then it means dirt has easier access to your skin. Add two to four drops of lime juice in a tablespoon of freshly procured tomato juice, and apply it on your face. Massage it into your skin in circular motions and then leave it on for about fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes wash it off your face, you will start to see the difference almost immediately.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C are commonly found in many acne medicines, so I reckoned why not get them from natural food sources. In case of mild acne, you can simply cut a tomato in half and rub it into your skin. In case of severe acne, however, apply the pulp of tomato as a face pack. Regular applications have known to reduce the effects. In my case what I found, however, that consuming this fruit orally made a great deal of change and helped me clean my bloodstream.

Ladies with oily skin, be assured, this magical fruit is of help to you as well. Tomatoes have the capability to act as a natural astringent. Mixing the tomato juice with a little cucumber juice and apply it with a cotton ball on the skin helps control the excess oil from the skin.

Bell Peppers!

I’m pretty certain this one came off as a total surprise, right? Ha! Well, that was my reaction when I came across this vegetable’s name on this list of foods that help skin. Let me explain to you shortly why they are on the list. Red bell peppers are the member of capsicum family, and they are known to be the most suitable kind of capsicum for the skin. Botanically, bell peppers are fruits however around the world they are known as fruits. Bell peppers consist of many phytonutrients which comprise of powerful antioxidants for the skin. These antioxidants help counter the environmental toxins.

Bell papers also help prevent many different types of cancer including the skin care. It also has carotenoids which fight skin cancer. I never really used bell pepper nor do I know of any ways in which it can be topically used however I did take the liberty of adding it in my diet in liberal amounts, and the results were marvelous. Its nutritional composition started showing its magic in a week or so; I could feel my hormones stabilizing which was the key reason for my acne. Another form in which I frequently used was its juice. It was slightly difficult to down it, because of its spicy bitter taste, however, I noticed the results in a very short time and they were quite pleasing. I am primarily listing this in the list because of the results of its juice.


This veggie can easily be crowned for being the queen of all vegetables. The advantages of this beautiful food are endless! Carrots are known for their component beta-carotene which is very helpful in battling cancer and in rejuvenating the skin. This component is further converted into vitamin A by the body. This same component is responsible for giving color to the plant. Beta-carotene also possesses properties that help it fight the UV radiations and environmental toxins that become a part of your system and need to be flushed out. But your choice of carrot will decide which food group you are consuming them under.

If you consume red or purple carrot, place them under the red, purple vegetable group that is normally good for soup. Carrots are also impeccable in helping digestion, which means you won’t be suffering from any digestive disorders while you regularly consume carrots. Digestive disorders along with other endocrine disorders are where the acne is rooted. So you would be preventing your skin from falling prey to acne by highly natural means. It is also very effective in controlling diabetes by lowering insulin levels. In many women, high level of insulin is a prime cause of causing acne in many women since it causes hormonal imbalance.

But I suggested that instead of consuming juice of carrots, carrots should be eaten. Carrot juice tends to be high in sugar and that is not very good health, on the pother hand consuming carrots in raw form with all the fiber is very good for a woman’s health.


Last, but certainly not the least is the cucumber. Cucumber is known to have many health benefits, however; its impact on the skin is what it is mostly known for. Cucumber makes excellent face packs, and its impact on the skin is marvelous whether it is consumed orally or applied topically. Diving deeper into the characteristics of cucumbers, they consist of 96% water. So in a way, eating cucumber is like hydrating your body and skin, and giving it the moisture that is required from within the body.

That is why cucumber is so excessively used in salads. It also acts as a detoxifying food. Cucumber also has a somewhat cooling effect on the skin, so it alleviates skin irritation and swelling. It also helps with swelling and puffiness of skin much as Aloe Vera does. Topical application of cucumber juice on skin helps reduce skin inflammation. If your eyes are burning, just chop off two slices of cucumber and put it on your eyes before lying back on your couch. It has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. It can also be used in several types of face packs. The uses of cucumber are numerous but the one that I have found beats all is eating it regularly and adding it to your daily diet.

All of these foods that I just mentioned can help you in getting the skin you want, however, you have to make sure that you do not consume drugs, alcohol or smoke cigarette because these foods act by going through your bloodstream and alcohol etc. can play the role of reversing the effects of these foods quite easily. We are what we eat, so pay close attention to your food choice, and I’m sure you’ll have beautiful, glowing skin in no time at all. You should also pay close attention to your sleep-wake cycle and make sure you are not sleep deprived at all. Have a good day!

Author bio:

Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and travelling is eternal. She ritually posts at The Smart Women Blog. Check her posts here.

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