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How I Made My Husband Stop Snoring

My husband is a very thoughtful, intelligent and hilarious man. He is quite lovable, but as he falls asleep at night, I start to loathe him. Well, you might be thinking why! Basically, he is entirely prone to snoring. This is the ultimate tectonic sort of snoring that would definitely make the walls rattle.

So when I got to know that my husband has a snoring problem, I was quite sure that it was going to be a very big headache to deal with that problem. But at the beginning, I started taking it in my stead. Basically, I would wake up and hear him snoring. I would then tap him on the shoulder. He would definitely turn over and then seriously stop snoring, at least for a while. Sometimes if this occurred numerous times in just one night, he would complain. At last, I was the only one, who was continually losing her sleep. So, I felt that I had the right to speak up! I only wished I knew how to make it stop!

I was completely blank, and I did not get any clues of how to stop this constant noise of snoring. But the day after, I started thinking seriously about this issue. It was essential to keep me from losing my sanity! Basically, I was up for any solution that would help me sleep peacefully.

And then, I found something excellent! Have you ever seen those bands they sell in pharmacies? You are supposed to put those over the bridge of your nose, and this apparently keeps your ultimate air passages more open to avoid snoring altogether. Well, we tried those!

I started changing his sleeping position

It is one of the very well-known and traditional ways to stop snoring. Well, it is what I heard from my grandmother in childhood. Eventually, she shared this story with me as well about how she managed to sleep at night while facing this kind of issue. And when it came to me, I felt that it was a very serious issue and that is why I also started walking on my grandma’s steps. I asked my husband to change his sleeping position. The funny thing is, he denied the fact that he snores so much all the way, but when I convinced him, he agreed to change his sleeping position. First, he slept by keeping his head towards the north side, but I did not find any change in the snoring. The condition did not change a bit. After that, he changed his sleeping position again. But the condition was entirely the same.



So, when I could not find any solution, I kept asking myself what better solution there could be to combat this gigantic problem. After some days, I got an idea. I thought that if I changed his sleeping position without him knowing about it, it might do the trick. At that moment, I decided to go ahead with this newfound plan. So, on the same night, when he was in his deep sleep and snoring loudly, I changed his sleeping position very gently. But after some time, I noticed the same thing. He was snoring again! Again! But I found something interesting on that night. I noticed that his snoring was comparatively lesser as compared to the initial few nights. And that made me think about better solutions as well. So, when I realized that these kinds of techniques really do aid to stop snoring, I used a better method on him.

I asked him to change his lifestyle

When I was suffering from this big issue, I started surfing the internet and talking to health experts through online chats. And do you know what? They also gave me some better solutions that sounded doable! They shared some really valuable sites to go through and there; I found better remedies to my husband’s incessant snoring. One of the most important things that I noticed on almost every site is a weight loss program. Well, as everyone knows, weight loss always assists you to get rid of the maximum kinds of health-related issues. So, unlike the other problems, I thought it could also help in snoring. And according to this information, I asked my husband to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. I put my complete trust in this information to help him get rid of this problem easily. Eventually, it also helped him in losing weight and getting fit.

Weight loss can actually help in getting rid of snoring because the additional tissues in the neck area or even relaxation of the muscles in the throat and mouth contribute toward unblocking the obstruction of airways. Basically, I was the one who was suffering from this unstoppable snoring, and when I started scheduling his routine and put him on a healthy diet plan, I found a considerable difference in the snoring. Yes! Absolutely! He was quite better in his sleep, and he snored comparatively less than before.

I tried an anti-snoring pillow

When I found some difference from the diet regimen, I continued that process because I was quite sure that it was going to work out really well after all. Well, after I used these two processes, I went for another one, and that was buying an anti-snoring pillow. It was something I’d heard of many times from health experts. As a matter of fact, it’s not just a problem I was experiencing but a vast section of people out there really suffer from this problem. And for them, I really want to suggest that following such processes can actually help you. The anti-snoring pillow is the safest, and obviously, the securest solution to your snoring problem as this has no side effects. Basically, I found it really good because my husband did not make any complaints about using it at all.

The use of this anti-snoring pillow maintains the normal pressure of the blood within your body. Being very low-cost, this specific pillow is actually capable of solving all the snoring problems of a large number of people. The anti-snoring pillow is utterly reliable and convenient as well as easy to use much as the regular pillow. As the pillow doesn’t really have any kind of side effects, you can easily use this even if you have undergone any surgery. This anti-snoring pillow also relieves anxiety, headache, and pain in the neck and jaw. The best part is that my husband really enjoyed sleeping on the anti-snoring pillow. He got found it very comfortable.

My husband and I did not really have much hope from that anti-snoring pillow for the first time, but nothing else had ever worked better than this. Basically, it worked only by cradling the head so that the air passages could open correctly. It was a really ingenious idea that I used on my husband to make him stop snoring.


But before using that anti-snoring pillow, I also tried to find out some causes of the snoring. One of the most common causes that I found of snoring is tongue interference. It happens when you sleep on your back, and the tongue is in the way at the back of the throat. This specific thing actually blocks the ultimate airflow from your mouth to the lungs, and as your tongue vibrates right against the back of the throat, it causes an annoying as well as loud vibration called snoring. So, when the problem was actually happening with my husband, I applied countless tricks like I turned his head, I changed his head’s position or his sleeping positions in general and many more.

I made him sleep on his side so that his tongue would move to the side of his mouth, away from the back of his throat. It stopped most of the vibration, and he got an ultimate and peaceful rest. He also snored comparatively less as compared to before.

When I found the fact that the tongue is the ultimate cause of the snoring, I purchased an expensive custom-made device, but it must be considered as a last resort as there are actually less expensive remedies that one could try first. Several people out there have also consulted a dentist, but I suggest a fact from my personal experience. Before you do that, you must try some less expensive solutions like nasal strips. Well, I used that on my husband as well. These strips are actually worn over the bridge of your nose when you sleep; these specific adhesive strips softly pull open the nasal passages stimulating you to breathe only through the nose rather than the mouth that reduces the snoring. When I was about to apply these on my husband’s nose, he denied. But after I convinced him, he agreed and applied it on the bridge of the nose. This considerably helped in lessening his snoring through the nights.

They worked on my husband, but I think these strips are intended more to help someone who has recently started snoring or is actually afflicted from a blocked nose due to cold and is snoring temporarily. Long term, there was some change for my husband.

We eventually knew that there were all types of devices out there to stop snoring like chinstraps as well as giant belt-like contraptions, which you strap around your chest. They are really supposed to keep you sleeping on the side all night. My husband was a good sport, and he gave them a try, much like he gave everything I suggested an attempt! But these actually turned out to be quite impractical, and neither of us could even imagine wearing things like these to bed each and every night for a lifetime.


Finally, I consulted a doctor

Well, when I was suffering from this big problem, I tried numerous tricks, and as a matter of fact, not many methods impressed me. Maybe, my husband’s snoring lessened, but it was not fully gone. So, I decided to consult a doctor on this issue. A good specialist is always there to lead you to the right way. When I shared my problem with the specialist, he instructed my husband to go in for an overnight sleep in a lab to study the snoring patterns at a local clinic. Then, right after, he also added that it would just be like visiting a beautiful hotel room with the occasional visits from the lab techs. Well, I was really surprised to hear his suggestions. For the very first time, I was baffled, but at the same time, I was quite sure that it was going to bring good results for my husband as well. Basically, we both waited for the results, and we were wondering if the doc would suggest some gigantic and rattling device, which will only be as weird as the snoring itself. But after some time, he analyzed the result of my husband’s snoring. Then, he recommended that my husband use a mouth guard. According to his advice, it would definitely help him to snore less.

Then, he also recommended TAP, which is also called Thornton Oral Positioner. This is basically a device that easily holds the lower jaw to stop the airway obstruction when a person falls asleep. It also summons up some of the old memories of junior high, but as a matter of fact, my husband was pretty comfortable with that tool. He got quite a bit of peaceful sleep at night. And amongst all of these things, the best part was that I got the utmost peace and comfortable sleep at night. Some of the doctor’s nasal treatment actually helped my husband overcome this specific problem. And now, he is absolutely fine with his snoring problem. He does not snore at all now!

For all the wives suffering from their husband’s incessant snoring or vice-versa, I would recommend seeing a doctor immediately because not all snoring issues are similar!

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