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Juicing to Get Lean

Ironically with all of the jokes made about Jack Lalanne and his juicer over the years and it turns out that the dude was right. Juicing is one of the best diet options available these days. If you have the initial time to learn about juicing it can really be a beneficial way to help lean your body up.

Juicing isn’t like it used to be portrayed back in its infancy. You would see people mixing up really weird green concoctions full of wheat grass and other tasteless (or worse) items. But oh how times have changed. Now juicing has become more of an art rather than simple nutritional science. Much like a good cook can take ingredients and whip up something very tasty; a good juice maker can really mix up some delicious juices!

So why should you be juicing?

It is a simple fact that using juice drinks can help you with weight loss and diet control. The ability to combine so many nutrients into a simple shake can make juicing a cornerstone for a great diet plan to help create healthier you!

 Controlled Appetite – One reason people overeat is due to the stomach telling the brain that it needs food, or more specifically, nutrients to produce energy. Sometimes this is because what you take in provides little in the way of real value. Juice drinks typically have higher sources of what your body uses for fuel, which can result in less of that, “I’m hungry,” feeling. Juices can be used for snacks as well as a quick meal replacement. Some people even opt for an entire juicing diet!

Richer source of vitamins – Using raw vegetables and fruits ensures that you are not losing many of the vitamins that can be cooked or processed out. Also you have the option of adding in additional things such as protein powders, flax seeds, or amino acids.

Better Metabolism Management – By using juicing as a source of additional meals you can slowly adjust your body’s metabolism to become a faster, more efficient processing machine. Additionally, by using juice recipes with lower sugar and less extra carbohydrates, you will help limit the wild fluctuations in sugar related energy. Too much sugar plays havoc with the insulin levels in the body as well as causing metabolism problems.

Multitude of juice recipes available – Gone are the days of limited recipes comprised of awful tasting concoctions. That is not to say you still can’t mix up something utterly horrible if you want to; but you aren’t limited anymore. You can create virtually any sort of juicing program with the desired nutrients to meet any health goals. Did you want a pure weight loss focus? Maybe you need to increase protein intake for lean muscles. If your body is fighting viruses just add extra vitamin boosting fruits. Perhaps you have decided that this week will be a cleansing time to flush out the entire body. It does matter what you want to do there is a type of juice for you!

Juicing is a great option for people looking to lose weight, get lean, or just look for some variety within a normal diet plan. As a meal replacement they are right on par with protein shakes and other diet replacement options. Really you can juice a little or a whole lot depending on your wants or needs.

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  1. I agree with the writer. Usually the food people eat has very little or no nutritional value at all. Just plain calories with added hormones from unfortunate inhumanely grown animals. When you drink juices, you get fresh nutrients from foods that are not treated thermally. Just what the body needs to replenish itself.

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