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Juices and Shakes for Weight Loss

Weight loss innovations are countless. You could get a plan that uses pills or some weight loss equipment to lose weight. Yet amidst these improvements, what should really matter are the results. Today, we will talk about famous weight loss tips, well basically it is one of the diets that most celebrities have tried and used until now or whenever they want to maintain their figure. This unique diet uses juices and shakes to take control of your weight and modify your appearance. It is no other than juices and shakes.

In a recent study, scientists have somehow proven that shakes can help you lose thee times more weight compared to those who consume the same amount of calories on a regular food meal. This can be due to the fact that it utilizes a simpler form of the food, excluding the extras that you can get when eating whole foods that may usually contain fatty components and other preservatives. With fruits and veggies shakes or juice, you can assure that you get the same nutrients and calories needed to get through the day.


You might be wondering as well on, “what do shakes and juices have that can get you continuous fat burning?” It is actually the high fiber content since fruits and veggies are naturally rich in fiber. Preparing them in shakes and juice preparations retain these fibers. As we know, fibers are bulk food components that make you feel full. They can stay in the stomach and help you increase metabolism and decrease appetite. Fiber takes quite a lot of energy to digest or to be broken down, plus fiber acts like a sweeper in the stomach bringing with it other miscellaneous wastes, even fat deposits.


Moreover, having the nutrients of fruits, veggies and other healthy products turned into shakes and liquids you will surely get the most of your nutrients.


This is much better and totally different from fasting or restricting diet, though both of them do help you lose weight rapidly. In shakes and juices, you are still giving your body enough nutrients and vitamins to keep you healthy. It is just prepared in such a way to promote easy metabolism, and also providing you the necessary stuff you need. It is totally different from not eating at all or excluding one food item that can be essential. Though both diets may not work for longer periods or long term, shakes and juices are certainly the one to choose if you are up for awesome weight loss in days. Celebrities have used this kind of method rather than fasting which is can be unhealthy.


As we all know, eating 5 to 6 small meals a day or following a low carb diet may get you results as well, but still it may not be possible to remove fat from these. Once again, choosing shakes and juices over these method for a short period of time can be helpful if you really want fast results.


But if you are not into this kind of diet you might perhaps try something else.  One of the emerging diets today is having combinations. Eating small solid food meals as your major meals but still in lesser quantity and having shakes for snacks. It could also be having one solid meal for a day and two to four fruits and veggies shakes or juice, anything that works best for you.


All these might seem perfect to you, but take note that there is no such thing as perfect weight loss diet, there are only better ways. You may want to go for this diet and stick to it or used it when needed, only if it offers you results. Of course, you won’t be silly enough to stick to it otherwise. After all, fruits and shakes can be one good innovation worth to try.

Guest post by Alex. Alex writes about weight loss tips and other healthy ways to lose weight.


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