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Infused Water: A Fab Way To Lose Weight or Just a Diet Fad?

I was not a fan of plain water before. Instead of drinking water, I would rather drink fruit juices to quench my thirst. Over sodas and fruit juice, I would prefer the latter, although I am aware that most commercial fruit juices are not really as healthy like the former. For me, fruit juice was the lesser evil between the two.

When I started Intermittent Fasting months ago, it was the time I began to appreciate good ol’ plain water. It did quench my thirst – even better than drinking orange juice in carton packs. More importantly, water helped preempt my hunger pangs, and I felt guilt-free for the first time.

I mean, pure water is 100 percent no sugar and other additives – just pure, satisfying liquid going into my system. And I loved that. For the first time, I actually felt healthy from the inside.

We all know how important drinking water is for our health. There’s this never-ending reminder to drink eight glasses of water per day to stay hydrated. Then there are these other myths about water, which are proven to be all false. X

And then, there’s infused water.

What is infused water?

Also known as fruit-infused or fruit-flavored water, it is the process of infusing extra ingredients to your water. These include fresh fruits, herbs, spices and even vegetables. One major reason why infused water exists is to help cleanse your body through detoxification. X

Unlike making fruit shakes or juices, making infused water involves a few ingredients – any fruit, herb, or vegetable you prefer – and of course the main star of the recipe, water. Making infused water does not require the use of a blender or a food processor. Instead, you will simply toss the ingredients into your drinking water, chill it, and it’s ready to drink!

One of the best things about infused water is that you have the freedom to choose which fruit, veggies, or herbs you will put into your water. Moreover, infused water is said to be not only aid in detoxification, but also provide other health benefits which we will discuss later on.

Nevertheless, infused water is a great way to add variety to your ordinary drinking water. For those who don’t like plain water, you can try making infused water for your own good.

Origins of Infused Water

You would actually be surprised to know that the art of making flavored waters has existed since the 1500s. It has this actual manuscript to prove that. X

The said manuscript contained several recipes for making flavored water using different flowers and herbs such as peonies, water lilies, and citrus. The latter, of course, has become a popular ingredient for infused water up to the present day.

The retrieved manuscript was made by a man named Walther Hermann Ryff. Back then, ancient alchemists made flavored waters through distillation, a process of extracting the substance’s essence via condensation and evaporation. According to Ryff’s recipe book, the ingredients will be heated while being submerged in water, which will later on produce the essence of the said ingredient. X

Apparently, there was also an earlier manuscript by a man named Hieronymus Brunschwygk which talked about how to make infused water in the early days. However, Ryff’s woodcut manuscript, which claimed to be a rehashed version of Brunschwygk’s manuscript, seemed to become the more popular one.

Nevertheless, it was how recipes spread throughout Europe – by copying books and printing the manuscripts under different names. At present, making infused water has become easier. You can even make one in your own kitchen!

Benefits Of Infused Water

And now, we will talk about infused water’s health benefits. As mentioned earlier, infused water boasts several health benefits. Among these are the following:

1. Aids in weight loss

Drinking plain water already helps in weight loss as it can increase your metabolism. Likewise, drinking infused water can enhance that benefit. In fact, infused water can help encourage increased water intake.

Because infused water adds more flavors to your ordinary water, drinking water can be easier for you. Thus, it can help you achieve that “eight glasses of water a day” we always hear from our mothers and health experts out there. X

In effect, drinking lots of water can help reduce your hunger, which can eventually help with weight loss. Moreover, drinking water before a meal can also help you eat less, which will provide that same effect. In fact, increased water intake can help boost the burning of calories by up to 30 percent. X

2. Improves digestion

There are many people who are plagued with chronic constipation. In effect, constipation can give you a hard time, making you feel bloated all the time.

To alleviate the symptoms of constipation, sufferers should drink water regularly. Drinking infused water can help enhance that benefit. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with fiber, which can be beneficial for our gut health.

3. Improves mood

According to studies, dehydration levels – even only at 1 percent – can greatly affect mood. In effect, mood swings can also create a negative impact on our concentration, cause headaches, and even drain our energy that can ruin our day. X

In another study, those who drank around 2.5 liters of water per day reported to be happier, calmer, and more energetic. X

Adding fruits, veggies, or herbs in your water can help boost mood and energy. Moreover, infused water can also help provide other health benefits that can improve our cognitive health.

4. Can help improve your skin

Water can indeed improve your overall skin health, thanks to its hydrating nature. As for improving your skin complexion, there are actually no scientific evidences that infused water is more effective than normal water.

Still, drinking water can help flush out toxins from our bodies, which may indeed possibly contribute to a healthier skin. For one, being dehydrated can affect your skin’s appearance, which is why staying hydrated by drinking water can help improve your skin’s overall health.

5. It is a better and healthier alternative than fruit juice and soda

Unlike carbonated sodas and commercial fruit juices, infused water offers zero preservatives, zero sugar (only its natural sweetness), zero artificial coloring and other additives. With that said, infused water is a better and healthier alternative than sodas and fruit juices.

As mentioned earlier, infused water can encourage increased water intake. Apart from the benefits of plain water itself, infused water has added health benefits due to its extra ingredients such as fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Recipes for Infused Water

The possibilities are endless when it comes to infused water. You can add any fruits or veggies of your choice, plus herbs and some spices – and you now have your own healthy concoction.

Aside from fruit- or veggie-infused water, there are other infused water trends that have been going on for some time, including chlorophyll water and hydrogen water.X

Nevertheless, some of the most popular infused water recipes available are the following:

1. Lemon water

Perhaps this is the most popular fruit-infused water recipe ever. Aside from easy preparation, it offers that tangy yet satisfying taste of lemon on your water. While many people simply add lemon to their water, some prefer adding mint, which adds a refreshing taste to the concoction.

You can also try other combinations for your lemon water. Instead of lemon water, some add cucumber or honey to counter the lemon’s sour taste while providing a refreshing drink. Some prefer to add a little spice to their lemon by adding ginger or cayenne pepper to their infused water.

2. Apple Cinnamon water

Another infused water recipe you can try is Apple Cinnamon water. Aside from being delightfully delicious, this recipe also boasts health benefits such as boosting your metabolism.

Apples’ antioxidant properties and vitamin content helps reduce risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular problems. On the other hand, cinnamon also has several health benefits including lowering cholesterol levels and joint pain relief.

3. Mango Ginger water

This combination may not be as popular as Lemon water, but it sure does taste good the same! Mangoes help boost digestion, memory and even your libido; while ginger provides natural pain relief due to menstrual cramps, migraines, and many more. When combined, it can boost your metabolism while providing a refreshing beverage for the day.

4. Orange-Strawberry water

This fruit-infused water combo boasts a high amount of Vitamin C and metabolism-boosting properties. Plus, you can drink them either hot or cold. You can use either fresh or frozen strawberries, in case the former is not readily available. On the other hand, you will use the orange rind instead of the fruit itself for this particular recipe.

The combinations are endless. Other popular infused water recipes you can consider trying includes:

Cherry-Mint water

Peach-Sage water

Mango-Basil water

Blueberry-Lime-Cilantro water

Infused water recipes are endless. You can get creative on your own infused water and make your own recipe. If you have one to share, you can share it with us.

Are There Any Downsides Of Drinking Infused Water?

Infused water has become a national health trend that has even got support from famous celebrities and models alike. Moreover, special infused water bottles have even appeared in the market to cater to infused water lovers. If you are new to the concept of infused water, you may ask: “Is it just another fad that will eventually fade from the spotlight?”

This article apparently has an explanation for that. According to the said article, not all the nutrients from the fruit, veggie, or herbs get mixed into the water. On the bright side, the ingredients’ flavor does make the water taste and smell better than plain water. Aside from that, infused water does provide certain health benefits as mentioned above.

Putting fruits in water for a long time in warm temperatures may increase the risk of bacterial growth, with higher risk if you don’t wash your bottle every use. According to experts, it is advisable to infuse the water for up to 4 hours, although some would like to infuse theirs overnight for better-tasting water.

However, it is also advised to remove the ingredients if it has been in the water for days, particularly fruits with rinds included. Not doing so can create unpleasant or bitter-tasting flavors that can ruin your infused water drinking experience.

After all, infused waters do not have preservatives unlike commercial fruit juices. Thus, expect that these fruits won’t be as fresh as days before. Avoid reusing the ingredients into another infused water recipe as it will lose flavor with repeated use. You can check out this website for your water infusion inquiries. X

In summary

Water is an essential part of our life. Without water, all living things will not thrive and slowly die. That includes us humans, animals, plants, and trees. Water helps nourish our bodies and keeps up hydrated. Water also helps up stay cool when we feel rather hot during the day.

Aside from its hydrating and refreshing benefits, water also has several health benefits. Water aids in weight loss, relieves constipation, promote better digestion, remove toxins inside our bodies, and improve our overall skin health, to name a few.

Despite of these amazing health benefits water provide, many people find plain water too boring. Thus, they resort to flavored drinks to quench their thirst, not realizing the possible implications of frequently consuming these beverages can cause on their health.

And then, infused water took the world by storm. Contrary to popular belief, infused water has been around centuries ago, albeit with a different process of making it. Nevertheless, infused water then and now mainly offers health benefits among drinkers.

The good thing about infused water is that you can make your own. Simply toss your favorite fruit, herb, vegetable, and spices into your water, chill, and enjoy a refreshing healthy drink.

Out of desperation, I once tried to make lemon-infused water to lose weight. It did not work for me, unfortunately. Still, it did make my water more interesting to drink. With that said, I think this is not a fad.

While drinking infused water may have varying results, there’s no doubt that it can make drinking water more pleasant. Drinking infused water can help increase your water intake, which in return can help achieve health benefits as mentioned above.


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