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11 Amazing Healthy Benefits of Barley Grass Juice

Have you ever tasted barley juice? There are high chances that you haven’t. Although barley is always associated with beer brewing, there are much more credible nutrients this wonder plant can offer to humankind.

Barley grass juice beats the renowned wheat grass squarely with a better taste, more nutrients, higher germination rate, and it does not contain gluten. The plant, scientifically known as Horeum vulgate L was introduced to America by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Its juice has been used by man for ages, with its earliest recorded history of consumption dating back to 7000 BC. It grows well in a temperament climate with a neutral pH and adequate fresh water.

Interestingly, you don’t need to have a farm to grow it: a space of two meters by one meter is enough to feed a family of six people all year round!

It is recommended that you blend barley grass 6-10 days after germination. At this time they are rich in;

  • Chlorophyll
  • Antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenols
  • Elemental iron
  • All electrolytes especially magnesium and calcium
  • Essential and nonessential amino acids
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Selenium

Honestly, it is nearly impossible to find a majority of these nutrients in their right propositions from the junk food we consume nowadays.

Barley grass is closely related to wheat, oats and rye glass. It is known worldwide as a good source of energy to livestock. In some warm places, it is grown in large scale for animals and beer production. However, this article does not take an interest in barley for hay or barley seed for use in manufacturing the brandy you love. It leans towards the massive benefits the number of nutrients available in the young shoots of this plant, and how they can positively impact your well-being.

The benefit benefits that come with these shoots, though known for ages has been rediscovered thanks to the advancement of modern analytical machines recently. You can find these nutrients in several forms favorable for human consumption including; juice; powder; capsules; pills and tablets. But one from beats them all – Juice.

The benefits of barley grass to human health are so enormous we cannot exhaust all of them in one piece. This article will open your eyes to the more common benefits as outlined below;

Management of diabetes

Barley grass juice is known to make the lives of people living with diabetes more manageable. A glass of this juice every morning ensures the blood sugar spikes are minimized. Its high content of antioxidants especially carotene ensures healthy glucose levels in the bloodstream.

When this juice is combined with diabetic medicine, blood sugar levels drop, and the strength of the drugs is adjusted. When consumed on a daily basis, you can go a long way in preventing this deadly lifestyle disease. In fact, If you came from a family with a history of type 2 diabetes, doctors will recommend that you make it a habit of taking this juice, and there are very high chances that you will live a diabetes-free life.

It eliminates the Toxic build up in the body

Considering the tons of junk food we consume nowadays, there is a buildup of tens of grams of toxic radicals in our system which causes a litany of diseases and reduced appreciation of life. They can reduce your productivity and virility. Barley grass juice binds these chemicals in your system and enables them to be removed safely from the kidneys.

You can know that you have accumulated the unhealthy level of toxins by the look of your hair: If your hair, especially the beard looks spaced, to an extent you are always searching for the best beard trimmers then it is time to detoxify.

This juice can also be used as an enema to cleanse and detoxify the colon walls. It can, therefore, heal and soothe the internal organs. Its high concentration of magnesium makes it ideal for treating constipation.

It prevents and treats Inflammation.

As early as 70 BC, man has been using barley grass to treat skin inflammation, thanks to its high contents of antioxidants. It prevents white blood cells from producing chemicals which cause hypersensitivity.

The next time you have inflammation, consider taking this natural remedy instead of drugs which have hundreds of adverse side effects.

Barley grass has an anti-cancer effect.

Its high concentration of phenolic compounds inhibits proliferation of cancer cells. Many studies demonstrate that barley juice, despite preventing multiplication of cancerous cells, has no effects on normal cells. It thus has no adverse side effects in managing cancer like the standard chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Although it is not yet a standard method of treating cancer, barley juice is recommended by doctors across the world as an immune booster to patients with untreatable cancers.

Many hospices use it for the terminally ill. It is, however, best used to prevent occurrences of cancer than as a treatment. It is not a wonder then that cancer in cultures which consume barley glass is deficient. Actually, cancer is almost unheard of among ‘herbivorous’ communities that consume young and tender grass on a daily basis. Man was created omnivorous, but his abandonment of eating living greens has cost him diseases and death.

It treats arthritis, eye problems, and dandruff

Barley juice is popular among the arthritis patients – they soak their cotton socks in it and place them on the affected area for a few minutes. They repeat the whole process when the pain returns. With time the strength and duration of pain are reduced. It also brings a calming effect which the arthritis patients need.

If you are suffering from eye irritation, you can apply the strained juice to the affected eye for a minute and repeat this after six hours. The irritation will fade away before you know it

It also used to treat dandruff by massaging the affected area twice a day.

It is an excellent remedy for hypertension

Today, one in four adults suffers from high blood pressure. The prevalence of hypertension is increasing with the increase in consumption of fast food and lack of chlorophyll in our diets. Studies show that we should expect to see more and more people developing high blood pressure if we fail to change our eating habit.

Nutritionists have been warning us for long that leafy green vegetables can and do reduce the chances of getting hypertension. They can actually lower blood pressure to manageable levels for those who already have developed it.

Those grams of barley shoots you juiced contain more chlorophyll than spinach and collard greens combined. It has a natural, digestible fiber which helps to eliminate wastes in large intestines. If you love red meat, especially roasted meat, know for a fact that plaque is likely to be clogging in your arteries thereby raising your blood pressure slowly but surely. This super food will bind and remove the plaque; thus nourishing and cleansing your system

The high arginine content of barley juice causes the blood vessels to be more elastic; hence facilitating free and even flow of blood. This explains the immediate reduction of blood pressure the moment you drink fresh barley grass juice. More studies have shed light that barley juice elicits production of precollege whose work is to prevent the build-up of more plaques in the blood vessels.

It is a natural way for Weight control

In the 21st century, almost everyone is overweight. Do you yearn for a natural way to lose those extra pounds? Then consider adding barley grass juice to your menu. In most instances, the overweight problem is caused by lack of proper nutrients other than overfeeding or inactivity. This might be the reason why all pounds you tirelessly drop by fasting or straining always return.

Barley grass juice might be what you need. It has a way of controlling blood sugar so that you will feel fuller for longer. Its digestible fiber ensures the starchy foods you eat are absorbed in the bloodstream slowly thereby reducing the strain to the liver and pancreas.

It is common knowledge that people who drink barley juice daily don’t struggle with weight management. However, these juices alone can not guarantee considerable and sustained weight loss. You have to eat well and be active.

It is an excellent Blood builder

Nature loves colors. Blood is red, and plants are green, yet the element which produces this coloration is same. Iron forms 90% of red blood cells with over 70% of all iron in your body in the blood. 70% of chlorophyll – the green coloring matter in the leaf of a plant is iron. Young shoots of barley have more chlorophyll than spinach. Furthermore, its iron is readily available and easy to digest. A glass of barley grass is much more potent in replenishing iron than most common medicine. Since your body needs to replace damaged or dead red blood cells, it is essential to select a good source of dietary iron.

Doctors across the globe are nowadays recommending barley grass juice to anemic patients as a supplementary to their food intake. Since red blood cells are also made of protein, be sure to include amino acids in your diet to get back and maintain healthy blood concentration.

Management of Urinary tract infections

Since barley grass is highly diuretic, when taken after contracting urinary tract infections, it helps in flushing out bacteria. This is because urinary tract infection becomes worse when bacteria thrive and multiply unabated. Coupled with its anti-inflammatory effect, it cleanses the kidney. It is also known for maintenance of reasonable levels of creatinine.

Patients with cystitis and kidney stones find good relief with just a glass of fresh barley grass juice. This juice is healthy to douche as it helps to maintain a healthy population of beneficial bacteria. Do not, however, take barley grass juice without visiting your doctor for a diagnosis.

It is a super food and calms the body

Barley grass contains all minerals known to man. Furthermore, it has the ideal balance and concentration of these minerals. Its form of amino acid is just right for human benefit. It contains essential more amino acids than nonessential ones. Its sugars are simple, almost like the already digested ones. They are readily available for use by the body minutes after ingestion.

Next time you feel like you need an energy drink, reach out for a glass of this wonder juice. Just like the barley grass ointment soothes the skin, it is well documented that its juice causes calmness and relaxation. This is especially so when taken after food.It relaxation effects are not addictive and are mild making them ideal for people suffering from depression.

Good for lungs and acne

Barley grass is documented to dissolve scars found in the lungs after accidental acidic gas inhalation. This is because it increases oxygen concentration as it has an abundance of available iron. It is, therefore, advisable to take a glass of this juice for every ailment of the lungs. In case of carbon monoxide poisoning, patients are advised to sip this juice before they are transferred to a medical facility.

Barley juice is also known to clear acne within months when supplemented with the proper diet.

The Bottom Line

Since barley grass is best when fresh and alive, it is imperative you grow your own. You will be assured of quality, and you can grow the quantity you want.

Many people are growing them hydroponically in their veranda or an enclosed corner of their kitchen garden. You do not need to add manure or fertilizer. You just need chlorinated water and organic seeds.

When you decide to grow yours, make sure you scout for fungi which can really mess this up. Drain your irrigation water well and do not recycle unless you are very sure you do not have spores of fungi. Fungi are known to retard the growth and can cause aflatoxin poisoning which can be deadly. Be sure only to grow what you can consume for you cannot preserve it for later use. Remember to drink it raw, alive and fresh.

Despite many health benefits of this marvelous plant, some people find its taste a bit nauseating. If you do not like its taste, you can try to blend with a piece of pineapple or mango. Do not use it with carrots otherwise, the concentration of carotene will be too high for your digestion.

Due to its digestible fiber, some people develop flatus after drinking it. If this is a bother to you, adjust your dose over a period.

Many have opted to use barley grass powder due to challenges of growing their own. Although this may contain a majority of beneficial nutrients, you will surely miss the enzymes which disintegrate immediately the plant dies.

Author Bio:

Meredith Zacharias is the writer behind who’s obsessed with beauty and natural skincare and she is passionate about helping others especially men in grooming their hair.





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