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The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet For Rapid Fat Loss

This is a guest post by Phillip. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did!

This diet is one of the simplest, yet most efficient diet you will even encounter. It’s not very fashionable, and it can be rather boring, but its effects can be amazing. If you want to give it a try, please check the warning below:

Warning: This diet is not balanced. It is extreme. Very extreme. The extreme of the extremes. It can even make you sick.

Without doubt, this diet cannot be categorized as a healthy life choice. Although, I can think of much worse diet plans (low-fat high-carb diet, anyone!).

Furthermore, it’s not a long term dieting plan. Period.

It is certainly not for people with medical conditions. And, it is definitely not a viable long-term diet plan.

So who can use this type of diet and why?

It IS for you if you’d like to lose weight very fast.

However, before you even think about attempting the protocol, consult with your doctor.

I repeat, this is not for everyone, and most likely your doctor’s answer will be: “No, absolutely not”.

If you decide against your best judgment and against your doctor’s advice, if you’ve made yourself familiar with the risks, and you wanna take full responsibility for your body, read on.

Now with all the disclaimers in place, let’s take a look at the actual diet.

The steak and eggs diet is not new.

The famous professional bodybuilder, Vince Gironda, was one of the first who popularized this diet.


Gironda’s protocol was very simple. He used a diet of eggs, steak, and a mix of whole cream and protein powder. His diet was low-carb, high-protein, and moderate-fat diet with a lot of green vegetables.

The version I present in this post is, in fact, Gironda’s diet to the extreme. It consists exclusively of steak and eggs. You cook them in butter or ghee.

The method is simple: you have two meals every day. One in the morning, and the other in the evening.

As already said both meals are essentially the same: eggs and steak.

Every fifth day you eat some carbs to refill your glycogen store.

Now let’s go straight to the protocol. Keep it the way it’s presented.

Start your diet on a Monday. You can choose any other day, I’ve chosen Monday to make things simple to follow:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Two identical meals a day. A breakfast and a dinner. Early in the morning is fine, but you can stretch it up to 10 or 11 am if you like. The dinner should be no later than 7 pm. Better something like 5 pm though.

Each meal consists of 5-12 oz. of steak (choose fatty meat, like Rib-Eye, New-York Strip, Skirt Steak, T-Bone) and 1-3 whole eggs. You can add a few slices of bacon if you like. You don’t have to, but you can.


The same protocol like above, with the addition of a cup of nuts.


You can choose one day, Saturday or Sunday, to eat three meals a day, as long as one of the meals is your usual steak and eggs meal. The other two meals you are free to eat what you want. The remaining day is entirely free, you can eat what you want.


As far as drinks are concerned, no soda whatsoever (no diet soda as well). No juice either.

Coffee is allowed, as long as you keep it to a couple of cups daily. Without sugar. Cream is allowed.

The majority of fluids should be water, pure clean filtered water if you can get it. Or spring water. You’d better had a lot of it.

Counting Calories

No damn counting of calories required. Forget about them. Just eat your eggs and steak as indicated.

After a while you can count the pounds of lost weight if you insist on counting anything.

How Much is Enough?

You are not supposed to be starving with this diet. You should eat enough, so that you are not hungry immediately after the meal. You should feel fully satiated for at least three hours afterward.

The Downsides of This Diet

One of the greatest problem is you will be disgusted by eating over and over again the same food. Be aware of this fact now, or don’t even plan to try this diet. The steak and eggs diet is no fun at all.

The second problem is constipation. As you will be consuming hardly any fiber, you will suffer from constipation. For sure, at lest the first couple of weeks. The fact that you won’t be eating any carbs at all won’t help as well. Low-carb diets, like paleo diet, are known to cause constipation. Tip: Drink enough pure clean filtered water to help you with your constipation!

You’ll be eating two meals a day, as opposed to 3, 4, 5 or more meals (including the totally ill-advised snacks) that you’ve likely been eating so far. You will have some problems switching to this plan. Hang in there, the difficulties are only temporary.

Yet another problem is depletion of bodily electrolytes.

As you are eating almost no carbs, you’ll be shedding a lot of water from your body. (the formula is: low carbs -> low insulin levels -> nothing to prevent water extraction). Along with the water, however, you will lose the electrolytes.

To avoid this, salt your food. I suggest using quality salt. My favorite is the Pink Himalayan salt. Take this issue seriously, and monitor the usual signs of electrolyte deficiency (fatigue, lightheadedness abdominal cramping, cramping, diarrhea,). If they appear, use more salt, or drink some extra salty water.

Beware of the toxins. Your body stores toxins in the area where they will cause the least harm. Yes, that’s your fat tissue. When you lose fat, you release toxins. This can make you sick. You might feel brain fog, fatigue, and other symptoms. Too many toxic substances in your bloodstream can cause serious damage. Your body has to be prepared to excrete, or oxidize those toxins – otherwise they will affect your kidneys, liver, and brain.

Consult with your physician as to what would be the most effective way to deal with these toxins. You should combine several methods, including for example taking a couple of capsules of coconut charcoal 3 times a day to bind the toxins (take them away from supplements or drugs as charcoal will bind them too).

The Upsides of This Diet

Massive loss of fat very quickly. To prevent the loss of lean body mass, some form of exercise is required.

Enormous water drop at the beginning. This will amount to some initial weight loss. If you are prone to edema in the legs, you will likely notice a reduction in the edema too.

You may notice lower blood pressure, even with the extra salt added.

Absence of hunger. Only rarely will you have problems with huger. The proteins and fats you are eating are very satiating. Proteins are known to be a couple of times more satiating than the best carbs out there. Besides, your body will quickly adapt to burning fat (from the food as well as from your bodily fat supplies) instead of glucose as a primary fuel.

Believe or not using fat as fuel is much more beneficial and sustainable than using glucose. Glucose from the carbs you eat causes strong blood sugar fluctuations and crashes that make you hungry very quickly.

After a couple of days you’ll adapt to fat, and what you’ll notice then is an increased mental focus and alertness. You will have a steady supply of energy and your emotional and mental states will reflect that. You will be more productive and motivated.

However, you are likely to lose that level of productivity on a weekend. So be prepared to crash hard after eating carbs on the free day during weekends.

The Reason This Diet Works

Why is this diet so effective?

In essence, it is a kind-of a ketogenic diet. Ketogenic diets by definition are high fat, low carb diets. They are designed to bring your body into a state of ketosis. When in ketosis, your body burns fat.

What prevents the state of ketosis is insulin secretion. Whenever you take even a little bit of carbs, the levels of insulin rise, and the ketosis is momentarily blocked. That’s why it is important not to eat anything in-between your meals and to be strict to the diet plan.

The other reason is intermittent fasting. If you take your first meal around 10 am, and your last around 5 pm, from 5 pm to 10 am the next morning you are effectively fasting for whole 17 hours. It is a perfect condition to drop extra fat very fast.

Depending on your sex, age, and health conditions, you will see changes within several weeks. If you are overweight, there you should pay attention not to lose too much fat too fast. Rapid weight loss will result in hanging skin. In that case this diet should be practiced in phases, a couple of weeks of dieting with timeouts in between. During the timeout restrict your diet to low or moderate carb intake.

If you want to remove belly fat, you probably won’t need more than say 2 or 3 weeks to see great results.

That’s it. This is probably the most efficient diet for rapid fat loss you will ever encounter. But it has its risks, and it takes courage.

I wish you the best of luck!

Photo credit: Marmot

17 Comments on The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet For Rapid Fat Loss

  1. Sonja Bezuidenhout // July 20, 2017 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    Hi where can i get the steak and egg dieet please..

  2. How does this work for women? Ino terms of calories it is very high with steak eggs and butter being the whole thing. I have a friend who is now in her 70’s tell me that when she was young she lost a lot of weight by only eating dinner and having that dinner be steak and a salad with blue cheese dressing. That would still be calorie restricted though. This could easily go to 2000 calories a day for a woman and wouldn’the that ruin any hope of weight loss?

    • Hi Lee. No, quite the contrary. Calorie restriction for weight loss is a myth. You have to count calories only if you eat the wrong types of food, like sugars, processed foods, and carbs. If you eat veggies and healthy fats, like the fats in pastured eggs and organic beef, you can safely disregard the calorie count. That is, as long as you restrict the carbs.

      • Condiments and herbs, I chop up five leaves of basil and it’s say 0 gram of carbs on my eggs and same with Frank Hot Sauce, Lemmon pepper on my steak, would these affect my diet? It’s all 0 carbs, no sugar nil on everything that’s bad, and I like to mix my taste buds.

  3. Hi, are spices like white pepper, chilli flakes and cayenne pepper allowed?

  4. i started this diet 3 days and so far lost only 2 pounds. is this normal? should i have expected a little more weight loss. All i had was steaks, eggs, some bacon, black coffee, water. Seasonings were salt, onion powder, and garlic powder. Nothing else

    • At first you lose mostly water, as there are no carbs to provoke insulin response to help keep retain water. I believe you’ll soon see some more tangible results. That being said, you shouldn’t expect to lose weight too fast as well. That’s not the healthiest option either.

  5. Quan Redding // April 10, 2018 at 10:38 pm // Reply

    I have done this diet many times and always gotten amazing weight loss from it. I can honestly say that I’ve always lost between 12 – 18 lbs in my first week, and then it kind of tapered out during the next week. One thing that I normally do is that I’ll reduce my meals from two (2) to one (1) meal per day because I’ll start to get tired of the the same routine of eating. After that, I can pretty much be guaranteed to lose 2 lbs off of the scale each day. This particular way of eating may not work for you but it most certainly works for me. One sure tip on the Steak and Eggs diet is to drink at least one (1) gallon of H20 every single day! Also, on your “carb-up” days (usually after the fourth day for me), make sure to eat a healthy bodybuilder type diet (especially if you’re sedentary) but I found can eat pretty much whatever I want as long as its one meal. Just make sure to incorporate some fiber into you carb day.

  6. Interesting diet!!! I love steak and eggs, so I think I can live with only eating those food, will try this outl!

  7. Who doesn’t love steak and eggs? This is indeed quite a very useful article for me as I haven’t imagined that the word “diet” can be used in one sentence with steak and eggs.

  8. Awesome,these ideas are absolutely useful and your described recipes are also beneficial for beginners. if any person who is on diet follow these ideas I think he/she will be completed easily his/her diet

  9. WOW! thanks for sharing your insights about this discussion. It is great to be informed

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